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SBS solves the critical power puzzle by engineering, specifying, provisioning, installing & servicing all the pieces associated with a data or network power system that achieves your requisite "level of nine's" reliability/availability.  The result is a single point of responsibility & accountability ensuring the continuity & uptime of  your business operations.  When the consequence of downtime is truly critical, SBS is your logical choice for an integrated power surety system solution for network, utility & critical data power applications.



SBS specializes in 1 Phase systems from 1-18kVA & 3 Phase systems from 10-750kVA SMU systems regardless of brand. Selecting from "Best in Class" product across brands, SBS will apply an optimum solution for your particular environment & application.
Applying the right generator for your electrical topology is crucial to the proper functioning of your power surety system. SBS has the experience to select & install a single generator from 20kW to 2mW or a parallel system to 4.6mW that will perform to your expectations from manufacturers that include Cummins, Caterpillar, Generac & Kohler.
Whether flooded lead acid, sealed VRLA, true gel, NiCad or rechargeable single cell battery packs for OEM applications, our stringent manufacturing & design standards ensure optimum service life regardless of chemistry or discharge profile.
SBS offers complete design & installation services for telecom rectifiers, battery chargers & complete dc power systems. If you require simple battery chargers or N+ 1 centrally controlled modular bays, SBS has the optimum solution.
SBS provides the necessary power & distribution switchgear to complete the power system from ATSs, MBPs, MBDs to complete paralleling switrchboards. Obtaining a system solution from a single source results in a power system that operates with your expected reliability and availability.
SBS completes the data center with CRAC cooling units from Liebert, Stulz & Data-Aire. SBS brings years of AC sizing experience in glycol, chilled water & air-cooled systems so that you are not burdened with more cooling capacity than you truly need. SBS can integrate its critical data power services with your computer room cooling maintenance under one simplified managed contract.
Test Equipment
Understanding that the battery plant is the most vulnerable & finite component of your critical power system, SBS offers the tools to maintain your battery plant in accordance with IEEE Std 1887 & Std.450 recommendations. Maintenance devices range from conductance & impedance testers to digital hydrometers & load banks.
DC Carts
Portable DC powered workstations are available in a variety of custom configurations with both dc & AC outputs as well as autonomy runtimes up to 24 hrs. to suit your requirements. The complete system includes batteries, rectifiers, inverters & accessory drawers & mounts. These carts are ideal for retail, POS, mobile printing, inventory & warehousing as well as medical applications.
DC Carts

Integrated DC Cart Solutions

Storage Battery Systems can provide a complete or partial solution for portable power needs such as scanner carts, portable registers, wireless computing and mobile printing applications.  

By integrating the entire DC power solution unit reliability and component compatibility is enhanced, SBS specializes in providing custom solutions for all AC and DC outputs.

Individual components such as carts, DC to AC inverters, DC to DC inverters, built-in chargers for mobile carts, and AGM or Gel batteries are also available. 








  • Power Supply/Battery Charger with LED Display
  • DC to AC Power Inverter with 3 Outlets
  • Batttery Status Meter Standard
  • Self-Contained Power (AC and/or DC Output)
  • Hand Scanner Holder
  • Long Life Sealed Battery VRLA
  • 12VDC and/or 120VAC Output Receptacles
  • International Inputs and Out Voltage are available
  • Up to 24 Hours of Backup



Uninterruptible Power Systems

Storage Battery Systems, Inc. integrates mission critical solutions with single phase and three phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) system solutions from more than ten (10) manufacturers. Single-phase solutions include on-line, line interactive, and stand-by technologies ranging from 100 VA (0.1 KVA) to 18 KVA. Three phase UPS solutions include on-line, line interactive, delta conversion, and rotary technologies ranging from 10 KVA to 750 KVA (single module) and to 4500 KVA (4.5 MW) in parallel. Unaligned with any one specific manufacturer, SBS is free to select "Best in Class" models without obligation to 'force-fit' the wrong product into your application.  SBS will work in concert with your team to identify the proper feature set, modify it when necessary & extract the most attractive cost of total ownership relative to your 5 & 10 year business plans.
When the your application parameters exceed the standard offering, SBS will implement modifications or work with a major manufacturer to produce a unit customized to your specifications that is tailored to your requirements.  Leveraging economies of scale permits SBS to offer these enhancements at competitive costs of acquisition.


  • APC
  • General Electric Digital Energy
  • Liebert-Emerson 
  • MGE 
  • Powerware-Eaton
  • Mitsubishi
  • Toshiba
  • Tripp Lite
  • SBS Solutions
    Single-Phase | Three-Phase



  • Onan
  • Cummins
  • Catepillar
  • Kohler
  • SBS Solutions
Harmonic Mitigation 
 Power  Conditioners
 Noise Filtration


        Power Distribution
   Transient Voltage Surge
Suppression (TVSS)

  • Mirus, Int'l (Harmonic Mitigation)
  • United Power (TVSS/PDU)
  • GE Digital Energy
  • Controlled Power Company
  • SBS Solutions


Diesel & Natural Gas Generators for Standby & Prime Power 

The generator is only one important component of your critical power system.  In order to achieve your maximum value for this investment, it must work with your other components in a coordinated system.  In other words, the generator must not only function in accordance with its operational specifications, but also with the other components of the reserve power system.  Configuring the exercising routine, programming load shedding/sharing controls, compensating for non-linear harmonic current distortion & specifying the correct generator technology for the proper waveform are just some of the advantages you receive when you select SBS.  You will be assured of a generator that is not only compatible with your sensitive electronic loads, but also one that reliably assumes complete support of your protected bus structure as designed.  Naturally SBS understands all federal, state & local codes including emissions & storage requirements.  We can also install, commission & service your diesel or natural gas generators. SBS specializes in generators for the critical data & network power environments understanding the nature of the non-linear loads associated with today's servers & communications switches.  While other companies sell the same standby generator to a construction site as to an ASP server farm,  cLEC or ISP, SBS understands the power quality requirements of today's non-linear loads.  When you obtain a generator from SBS, you are assured that it will be compatible with your data center systems.  In many cases, with our order-in-process pipeline, SBS can exceed  delivery times when compared to the more traditional sources. 


   Your standby power generator provides no value unless it starts & reaches full output when you need it to.  We are constantly surprised by the number of customers who overlook the need to perform preventative maintenance on their diesel & natural gas power gernerator systems. Even those that engage in preventive maintenance often overlook the starting batteries and/or the automatic transfer switch (ATS).  SBS can provide maintenance contracts, emertgency service & on-demand maintenance inspections to ensure your generator will be available during a utility outage.  Our maintenance scope includes starting batteries, ATS, generator end, waveform quality & digital controls.  Whether Cummins-Onan, Caterpillar, Kohler, Generac or other, SBS can roll your electrical power generator into a  maintenance & service plan independently or as part of a comprehensive power surety program.

Diesel Generators
Natural Gas Generators
  • Standby, Prime & Parallel   Configurations
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installations
  • 20kW to 2.5mW single modules
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • Digital Controls with PMG (UPS compatible)
  • Paralleling Switchgear
  • EPA & CARB Emissions Compliance
  • Trailerized & Temporary Gensets Available                          
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • 24/7 Emergency Services 
  • Turnkey Installation with Rigging
  • Available NiCad Starting Batteries
  • Special Cold Weather Provisions
  • Optional High Capacity Cooling
  • Sid-mount & Remote Fuel Storage
  • Sound Attentuated Enclosures & Critical Grade Mufflers
  • Main circuit breaker as standard

     Harmonic Mitigation        

Power Conditioners/

  • Mirus, Int'l (Harmonic Mitigation)
  • United Power (TVSS/PDU)
  • GE Digital Energy
  • Controlled Power Company
  • SBS Solutions

Battery Test Equipment

SBS Battery Test Equipment allows the knowledgable user to perform battery measurement, analysis & maintenance as recommended by IEEE Std 1187 & 450 including Ohmic Values in Conductance & Impedance



Digital Hydrometers


SBS-3500 Digital Hydrometer - Our BEST portable specific gravity meter!

  • SBS-2002 - Easy to use specific gravity tester
  • SBS-2500 - Easy to use S.G. tester with downloading capabilities

Ohmic Value Battery Testing 

Impedance/Internal Resistance Tester

SBS-IBEX: cutting edge digital battery diagnostic tester

  • IBEX has Conductance Measurement Topology according to IEEE 1188-1996, D4, IEEE Std 1187 & IEEE std 450
  • uses impedance method of battery testing
  • Test & trend VRLA, Flooded, NiCad to predict battery health & end-of-life
  • Battery Ohmic value testing
  • Graphic software & reporting

Load Banks

  • BCT-5000: 24/48/120Vdc capacity tester from 5-171 amps
  • BCT-3000: 24/48VDC capacity tester from 1-150 amps
  • GL-1000: 1-64Vdc digital capacity tester: 1000 watts max; 200A @ 2v
  • RBL Series: 0-600Vdc 0-4000 amps rack relay mounted unit 

Monitoring Equipment

  • Battery Monitor/Ground Fault Locator: 48, 125, & 250Vdc
  • Switchboard Meters: DC battery voltage meters
  • HGDI Hydrogen Gas Detector




SBS produces a large selection of sealed VRLA AGM/Gel, flooded lead acid & Nickel-Cadmium batteries for Telecom Network Power, Critical Data Power, Transportation, Utility Power, Transmission & Distribution applications.

Flooded Batteries

SBS (vented) flooded wet cell batteries offer long life
with reliable performance and deliveries 7 days A.R.O!


STT Series 6v/12v Monoblock

  • Low Maintenance, tubular lead-selenium alloy plate design, tolerates high cyclic discharge rates
  • 55AH - 330AH, 2V, 6V, and 12V monoblocks
  • 20-year warranty
  • Suited for high rate discharges, UPS, utility switchgear, control & telecommunications
  • Many models in stock and ready to deliver!

OSP Series

  • Flat lead-selenium alloy plate design, for UPS & other high rate applications
  • 157 A/h - 3222 A/h, 2V units
  • 20-year warranty

STT Series 2v

  • Tubular lead-selenium alloy plate for long duration discharge profiles
  • 110 A/h to 3992 A/h, 2v units
  • 20 year warranty
  • Suited for telecommunications, network power, utility & switchgear applications
  • Many capacities in stock and ready to ship!

SR Series (DISCONTINUED) Suggested Replacement - SBS STT Series Flooded Batteries 6V and 12V

  • Low Maintenance, radial rod plate design, lead-selenium alloy, tolerates high rate discharges 
  • 35 A/h - 250 A/h, 6V and 12V monblocks
  • 20-year prorated warranty
  • Suited for UPS, utility switchgear recloser & a variety of other telecommunication applications
  • Most models in stock and ready for delivery!

Valve Regulated Batteries
SBS' VRLA batteries are low maintenance and provide superior battery performance

AFT/GFT Series

  • Front access, rack or cabinet mounting
  • Telecom, UPS, broadband, cellular, wireless applications
  • 55 A/h - 250 A/h, 12V monoblocks
  • 10 year warranty with initial 3 years at 100% full replacement coverage 
  • Available in Gel=GFT
GGM Series
  • 150 A/h - 3000 A/h,  2V Gel cells, 20 year design life 
  • Top terminals, no mounting restrictions, wide operational temperatur range
  • Lead-calcium flat plate grid design, extremely low self discharge
  • 10 year warranty with initial 3 years 100% full replacement coverage
  • Telecommunications, wireless, radio, cellular, photovoltaic, utility & wind power
VRZ Series
  • Maintenance-free, VRLA Gel Batteries
  • 208 A/h - 3,064 A/h, 2V units
  • 20 year design life, 15 year warranty
  • Tubular lead-tin-calcium plate design
  • Harsh industrial, utility & telecommunication applications
  • 1.2 A/h - 220 A/h AGM, 6V and 12V monoblocks
  • General purpose sealed lead-acid battery for emergency lighting, alarm, mobility & other typical VRLA applications
  • Lead-tin-calcium flate plate design technology
  • 1 year 100% full replacement warranty 


  • 26 A/h - 225 A/h Gel, 6V and 12V monoblocks
  • Lead-tin-calcium flate plate design technology
  • Wide temperature range, resists water loss
  • 2 year 100% full replacement warranty
  • Suited for broadband, cellular, wireless, radio, mobility, alarm & emergency lighting
UPS Series
  • 24-800 Watts per cell (wpc), 6 and 12V monoblocks, flame retardant jars standard
  • For high rate discharges short duration discharges typical in UPS applications
  • 10 year warranty with initial 3 years at 100%, (warranty termed "Industry Best" by other MFGs)
  • Comparable to Dynasty MR, C&D UPS, Power Battery TC, Enersys HX, East Penn/Deka UnigyI, GNB Sprinter S/Marathon M, CSB HRL

TGI Series Tubular VRLA Gel 2v Telecom

  • 120 A/h - 480 A/h multi-cell shelf modules for 24vdc & 48vdc configurations
  • -4°F to 131°F; -20°C to 55°C; 20 year warranty
  • UBC Seismic Zone 4 integral racking
  • Front access with Lexan© protective shield
  • Configurable termination plate
  • Suited for high rate UPS discharge

TGI Series Tubular VRLA Gel 12v Monoblocks

  • 40 A/h - 100 A/h Gel-Type 12v jars
  • -4°F to 131°F; -20°C to 55°C; 20 year warranty
  • Suited for utility, UPS, solar, broadband, wireless, security & emergency lighting

APC Replacement Batteries

  • RBC replacement battery cartriges
  • For Backups, Smartups, Symmetra & other APC UPS models
  • Recycling for your old battery cartridges/packs
  • Utilizes SBS UPS series high rate VRLA batteries

Nickel Cadmium Batteries

Ni-Cad Advantages
  • -40°C to +70°C temp range,  -40°F to +158°F
  • No sulfation, utilization Potassium-hydroxide (KOH) as electrolyte
  • 20+ year design life, 20 year warranty
  • Extremely low shedding/loss of plate material
  • Ni-Cd electrolyte is Potassium based & not a corrosive acid

Ni-Cad Wet (KP) Pocket Plate

  • 8 A/h - 1,580 A/h configurations, 1.2v cells, 2.4v and 3.6v blocks
  • 20+ year life, 20 year warranty 
  • Pocket plate design technology, facilitates fast recharge & high rate discharging
  • Suited for utility, switchgear, power generation control, rail, transit, photovoltaic & wind energy
Ni-Cad Wet (KF) Fibre Plate
  • 11 A/h - 1,500 A/h, 1.2v cells, 2.4v and 3.6v blocks 
  • 20+ year life, 20 year warranty 
  • Fibre plate technology affords wider temperature range & high duty cyclic rate
  • Designed for outdoor utility, rail, transportation, photovoltaic & wind power generation
Ni-Cad Valve Regulated (VRPP) Pocket Plate
  • 8 A/h - 744 A/h, 1.2v cells, 2.4v and 3.6v blocks
  • 20+ year life, 20 year warranty, extremely low maintenance
  • Sealed Ni-Cad technology with pocket plate design & oxygen recombination valves
  • Design dramatically reduces the need to add water
  • Suited for remote applications in utility, telecom, railway, signaling, transit & photovoltaic
Transportation, Railway & Signaling Batteries
  • 22 A/h - 340 A/h, 1.2v  Ni-Cd cells, multi-cell power blocks available
  • KR Series (KRm - medium power, KRx - high power, KRh - blocks) 
  • 20 year warranty
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Suited for trackside signaling, rolling stock, yard communications & mass transit




AT.10 / AT.30 Series
Microprocessor controlled, easy to setup, easy to operate, and easy to maintain single or three phase digital rectifier/chargers. Available in 12, 24, 48 and 130 VDC (6-1000 amps).
*many units in stock
Smart Chargers
Portable chargers available in 2, 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 VDC (2-30 amps).
Temperature-compensated analog single-phase chargers with standard auto boost and temperature compensation. Available in 12, 24, 48, 125 and 240 VDC (6-200 amps).
Single and three-phase digital chargers for applications which require very specific options/features. Available in 12, 24, 48, 125, 250, 380, 480 and 600 VDC (5-1000 amps).

DC Power Solutions

SBS provides the highest denisty power solution in the industry. We can design a DC power configuration to fit any specificaiton (e.g. small to large capcity, or simple to complex structure.) SBS can also customize a power system for any communicaitons application with a 12V, 24V, or 48V ooutput iwth current ratings of 1 amp to 10,000 amps in a single system configuration. these systems are scalable to 30,000 amps. The following products ar just a few in a full line of DC and AC power solution systems.  We provide a product solution that fits your specific needs, not a line of products that your have to choose from. If you do not see a specfic product needed, please email your request to A SBS representative will directly respond to your request.

SBS is your total turnkey solution!


SBS Industrial Chargers

SBS offers an extensive product line of industrial chargers for light duty single shift operations to heavy duty multi-shift operations and everything in between.Regardless of temperature (hot or cold) or battery type (flooded, AGM, Gel, Tubular, Low Maintenance, etc.) , SBS has the right charger for your application.Whether you choose to purchase or lease equipment, you will find our line of chargers to be an exceptional value.


DC to AC Power Inverters

SBS offers a variety of inverters ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA in several design topologies including transformer based, ferro-resonnant as well as switch-mode MOSFET.  Used to convert available DC power supplied by large rectifier & battery systems to nominal 120 volt AC power for discrete computer & other office loads, the inverter is extremely popular within the telecommunications environment.  Because the DC power buss is reserve in nature, a virtually uninterrupted power supply is created for PC workstations, SCADA systems, alarm panels, security devices & fire protection systems.  The most popular & economical units are the 1 kVA (25A) & 2 kVA (50A) styles in electronic switch-mode (SMPS) design.

1-2kVA Rack Mount Inverters   


  • 24, 48 & 125 vdc nominal input
  • 120, 208, 230 & 240 vac output
  • integral AC bypass switch
  • 19" & 23" rack mounting
  • optional SNMP communications
  • hardwire input
  • UL certification
  • >85% efficiency
  • transistorized IGBT sinewave output                                                             



UPS Maintenance Bypass Panels

  • External full maintenance bypass panels, 3Ø
  • 2 breaker, 3 breaker & custom configurations
  • UL 489 circuit protection, UL1778 UPS application
  • NEMA 1 wall & floor mountings
  • Make-before-break design; Kirk-Key© type safety interlocks; solenoid key release (SKRU) as standard
  • Shunt Trip & EPO interface as standard
  • 208, 360, 480 50/60Hz VAC operation
  • 150A-1200A for 30kVA to 750kVA UPS in stock
  • expanded capacities available upon request


Maintenance Bypass Panel - External UPS















BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

New Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers