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Diesel Generator
Natural Gas Generator


Diesel & Natural Gas Generators for Standby & Prime Power 

The generator is only one important component of your critical power system.  In order to achieve your maximum value for this investment, it must work with your other components in a coordinated system.  In other words, the generator must not only function in accordance with its operational specifications, but also with the other components of the reserve power system.  Configuring the exercising routine, programming load shedding/sharing controls, compensating for non-linear harmonic current distortion & specifying the correct generator technology for the proper waveform are just some of the advantages you receive when you select SBS.  You will be assured of a generator that is not only compatible with your sensitive electronic loads, but also one that reliably assumes complete support of your protected bus structure as designed.  Naturally SBS understands all federal, state & local codes including emissions & storage requirements.  We can also install, commission & service your diesel or natural gas generators. SBS specializes in generators for the critical data & network power environments understanding the nature of the non-linear loads associated with today's servers & communications switches.  While other companies sell the same standby generator to a construction site as to an ASP server farm,  cLEC or ISP, SBS understands the power quality requirements of today's non-linear loads.  When you obtain a generator from SBS, you are assured that it will be compatible with your data center systems.  In many cases, with our order-in-process pipeline, SBS can exceed  delivery times when compared to the more traditional sources. 


   Your standby power generator provides no value unless it starts & reaches full output when you need it to.  We are constantly surprised by the number of customers who overlook the need to perform preventative maintenance on their diesel & natural gas power gernerator systems. Even those that engage in preventive maintenance often overlook the starting batteries and/or the automatic transfer switch (ATS).  SBS can provide maintenance contracts, emertgency service & on-demand maintenance inspections to ensure your generator will be available during a utility outage.  Our maintenance scope includes starting batteries, ATS, generator end, waveform quality & digital controls.  Whether Cummins-Onan, Caterpillar, Kohler, Generac or other, SBS can roll your electrical power generator into a  maintenance & service plan independently or as part of a comprehensive power surety program.

Diesel Generators
Natural Gas Generators
  • Standby, Prime & Parallel   Configurations
  • Indoor or Outdoor Installations
  • 20kW to 2.5mW single modules
  • Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS)
  • Digital Controls with PMG (UPS compatible)
  • Paralleling Switchgear
  • EPA & CARB Emissions Compliance
  • Trailerized & Temporary Gensets Available                          
  • Preventative Maintenance Contracts
  • 24/7 Emergency Services 
  • Turnkey Installation with Rigging
  • Available NiCad Starting Batteries
  • Special Cold Weather Provisions
  • Optional High Capacity Cooling
  • Sid-mount & Remote Fuel Storage
  • Sound Attentuated Enclosures & Critical Grade Mufflers
  • Main circuit breaker as standard

     Harmonic Mitigation        

Power Conditioners/

  • Mirus, Int'l (Harmonic Mitigation)
  • United Power (TVSS/PDU)
  • GE Digital Energy
  • Controlled Power Company
  • SBS Solutions














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