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Diesel Generator

Diesel Powered Generator Systems for the Protected Bus

  • Prime and standy power generators 20kW to 2500kW (2.5mW) single module system
  • Parallel systems to 14.4mW
  • Paralleling switchgear with protective relays and PLCs for cogeneration, load sharing and load shedding
  • Digital controller (DSP) as standard > 150kW (UPS & non-linear load compatible)
  • Automatic transfer switch (ATS) with exercisor clock included on all fixed installations
  • Service entrance ratings (optional) 
  • Permanent magnet generator (PMG) standard > 150kW  (clean data center power)
  • Main circuit breaker standard >150kW
  • Standard & sound-attenuated outdoor enclosures
  • Critical grade mufflers standard >150kW
  • UL double-wall containment skid mount fuel tanks standard > 150kW
  • High-low level alarms standard on all tanks
  • Day tanks, pumps & storage tank systems available
  • Design, applications & installation upon request
  • Preventative maintenance & 24/7 service contracts are available
  • Tier II, III & IV emissions certificaqtions
  • Computer room/data center grade systems are standard
  • Construction grade prime power units on request 

Diesel Powered Generator Service

SBS uses sophisticated instrumentation to predictively test your batteries so that they start your diesel powered engine in the middle of a cold winter's night.  SBS inspects your generator to make certain the waveform it produces is clean, stable and capable of tolerating the non-linear characteristics of the supported UPS.  SBS views your diesel powered generator as an integral part of a power surety system, not just a big truck. Examine the 'maintenance checklist' from a typical generator manufacturer & you will note the absence of any electrical tests.  SBS delivers comprehensive preventative maintenance on your generators not only conducting diesel or spark-ignited engine maintenance, but also employing a detailed analysis of the electrical system including the batteries, generator end, controls & ATS.














BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

New Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers