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DC Carts

Integrated DC Cart Solutions

Storage Battery Systems can provide a complete or partial solution for portable power needs such as scanner carts, portable registers, wireless computing and mobile printing applications.  

By integrating the entire DC power solution unit reliability and component compatibility is enhanced, SBS specializes in providing custom solutions for all AC and DC outputs.

Individual components such as carts, DC to AC inverters, DC to DC inverters, built-in chargers for mobile carts, and AGM or Gel batteries are also available. 








  • Power Supply/Battery Charger with LED Display
  • DC to AC Power Inverter with 3 Outlets
  • Batttery Status Meter Standard
  • Self-Contained Power (AC and/or DC Output)
  • Hand Scanner Holder
  • Long Life Sealed Battery VRLA
  • 12VDC and/or 120VAC Output Receptacles
  • International Inputs and Out Voltage are available
  • Up to 24 Hours of Backup
















BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

New Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers