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DC/AC Power Inverters

DC to AC Power Inverters

SBS offers a variety of inverters ranging from 1kVA to 10kVA in several design topologies including transformer based, ferro-resonnant as well as switch-mode MOSFET.  Used to convert available DC power supplied by large rectifier & battery systems to nominal 120 volt AC power for discrete computer & other office loads, the inverter is extremely popular within the telecommunications environment.  Because the DC power buss is reserve in nature, a virtually uninterrupted power supply is created for PC workstations, SCADA systems, alarm panels, security devices & fire protection systems.  The most popular & economical units are the 1 kVA (25A) & 2 kVA (50A) styles in electronic switch-mode (SMPS) design.


1-2kVA Rack Mount Inverters

  • 24, 48 & 125 vdc nominal input
  • 120, 208, 230 & 240 vac output
  • integral AC bypass switch
  • 19" & 23" rack mounting
  • optional SNMP communications
  • hardwire input
  • UL certification
  • >85% efficiency
  • transistorized IGBT sinewave output
  • high MTBF                                           














BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

New Bend Insensitive Fiber Jumpers