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SBS Battery - 110-4000AH - STT Series Low Maintenance Tubular Flooded Batteries - UPS - Generators - Batteries - Rectifiers - Switchgear - HVAC - Test Equipment - DC Carts



SBS produces a large selection of sealed VRLA AGM/Gel, flooded lead acid & Nickel-Cadmium batteries for Telecom Network Power, Critical Data Power, Transportation, Utility Power, Transmission & Distribution applications.


Flooded Batteries

SBS (vented) flooded wet cell batteries offer long life
with reliable performance and deliveries 7 days A.R.O!


STT Series 6v/12v Monoblock

  • Low Maintenance, tubular lead-selenium alloy plate design, tolerates high cyclic discharge rates
  • 55AH - 330AH, 2V, 6V, and 12V monoblocks
  • 20-year warranty
  • Suited for high rate discharges, UPS, utility switchgear, control & telecommunications
  • Many models in stock and ready to deliver!

OSP Series

  • Flat lead-selenium alloy plate design, for UPS & other high rate applications
  • 157 A/h - 3222 A/h, 2V units
  • 20-year warranty

STT Series 2v

  • Tubular lead-selenium alloy plate for long duration discharge profiles
  • 110 A/h to 3992 A/h, 2v units
  • 20 year warranty
  • Suited for telecommunications, network power, utility & switchgear applications
  • Many capacities in stock and ready to ship!

SR Series (DISCONTINUED) Suggested Replacement - SBS STT Series Flooded Batteries 6V and 12V

  • Low Maintenance, radial rod plate design, lead-selenium alloy, tolerates high rate discharges 
  • 35 A/h - 250 A/h, 6V and 12V monblocks
  • 20-year prorated warranty
  • Suited for UPS, utility switchgear recloser & a variety of other telecommunication applications
  • Most models in stock and ready for delivery!

Valve Regulated Batteries
SBS' VRLA batteries are low maintenance and provide superior battery performance

AFT/GFT Series

  • Front access, rack or cabinet mounting
  • Telecom, UPS, broadband, cellular, wireless applications
  • 55 A/h - 250 A/h, 12V monoblocks
  • 10 year warranty with initial 3 years at 100% full replacement coverage 
  • Available in Gel=GFT
GGM Series
  • 150 A/h - 3000 A/h,  2V Gel cells, 20 year design life 
  • Top terminals, no mounting restrictions, wide operational temperatur range
  • Lead-calcium flat plate grid design, extremely low self discharge
  • 10 year warranty with initial 3 years 100% full replacement coverage
  • Telecommunications, wireless, radio, cellular, photovoltaic, utility & wind power
VRZ Series
  • Maintenance-free, VRLA Gel Batteries
  • 208 A/h - 3,064 A/h, 2V units
  • 20 year design life, 15 year warranty
  • Tubular lead-tin-calcium plate design
  • Harsh industrial, utility & telecommunication applications
  • 1.2 A/h - 220 A/h AGM, 6V and 12V monoblocks
  • General purpose sealed lead-acid battery for emergency lighting, alarm, mobility & other typical VRLA applications
  • Lead-tin-calcium flate plate design technology
  • 1 year 100% full replacement warranty 


  • 26 A/h - 225 A/h Gel, 6V and 12V monoblocks
  • Lead-tin-calcium flate plate design technology
  • Wide temperature range, resists water loss
  • 2 year 100% full replacement warranty
  • Suited for broadband, cellular, wireless, radio, mobility, alarm & emergency lighting
UPS Series
  • 24-800 Watts per cell (wpc), 6 and 12V monoblocks, flame retardant jars standard
  • For high rate discharges short duration discharges typical in UPS applications
  • 10 year warranty with initial 3 years at 100%, (warranty termed "Industry Best" by other MFGs)
  • Comparable to Dynasty MR, C&D UPS, Power Battery TC, Enersys HX, East Penn/Deka UnigyI, GNB Sprinter S/Marathon M, CSB HRL

TGI Series Tubular VRLA Gel 2v Telecom

  • 120 A/h - 480 A/h multi-cell shelf modules for 24vdc & 48vdc configurations
  • -4°F to 131°F; -20°C to 55°C; 20 year warranty
  • UBC Seismic Zone 4 integral racking
  • Front access with Lexan© protective shield
  • Configurable termination plate
  • Suited for high rate UPS discharge

TGI Series Tubular VRLA Gel 12v Monoblocks

  • 40 A/h - 100 A/h Gel-Type 12v jars
  • -4°F to 131°F; -20°C to 55°C; 20 year warranty
  • Suited for utility, UPS, solar, broadband, wireless, security & emergency lighting

APC Replacement Batteries

  • RBC replacement battery cartriges
  • For Backups, Smartups, Symmetra & other APC UPS models
  • Recycling for your old battery cartridges/packs
  • Utilizes SBS UPS series high rate VRLA batteries

Nickel Cadmium Batteries

Ni-Cad Advantages
  • -40°C to +70°C temp range,  -40°F to +158°F
  • No sulfation, utilization Potassium-hydroxide (KOH) as electrolyte
  • 20+ year design life, 20 year warranty
  • Extremely low shedding/loss of plate material
  • Ni-Cd electrolyte is Potassium based & not a corrosive acid

Ni-Cad Wet (KP) Pocket Plate

  • 8 A/h - 1,580 A/h configurations, 1.2v cells, 2.4v and 3.6v blocks
  • 20+ year life, 20 year warranty 
  • Pocket plate design technology, facilitates fast recharge & high rate discharging
  • Suited for utility, switchgear, power generation control, rail, transit, photovoltaic & wind energy
Ni-Cad Wet (KF) Fibre Plate
  • 11 A/h - 1,500 A/h, 1.2v cells, 2.4v and 3.6v blocks 
  • 20+ year life, 20 year warranty 
  • Fibre plate technology affords wider temperature range & high duty cyclic rate
  • Designed for outdoor utility, rail, transportation, photovoltaic & wind power generation
Ni-Cad Valve Regulated (VRPP) Pocket Plate
  • 8 A/h - 744 A/h, 1.2v cells, 2.4v and 3.6v blocks
  • 20+ year life, 20 year warranty, extremely low maintenance
  • Sealed Ni-Cad technology with pocket plate design & oxygen recombination valves
  • Design dramatically reduces the need to add water
  • Suited for remote applications in utility, telecom, railway, signaling, transit & photovoltaic
Transportation, Railway & Signaling Batteries
  • 22 A/h - 340 A/h, 1.2v  Ni-Cd cells, multi-cell power blocks available
  • KR Series (KRm - medium power, KRx - high power, KRh - blocks) 
  • 20 year warranty
  • Wide operational temperature range
  • Suited for trackside signaling, rolling stock, yard communications & mass transit















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