ATS carries a complete line of CXR-AJ IP/IPX Routers, Branch Office Routers

FastConnect, is a new member of the expanding IP/IPX router family developed by AJ. This new router, whose main application is the concentration of remote sites, as well as the permanent and secured access to the Internet, features one 10/100Base-T LAN port and four high speed serial ports. Each serial port supports a maximum speed of 8Mbps with an aggregate throughput of 22Mbps. Protocols supported are:
  • Frame relay
  • X25
  • PPP
  • MP (definable on a per port basis)

FastConnect is compatible with most routers complying with the RFC recommendations.

FastConnect is very easy to set-up and configure thanks to the memorization of several ready to use profiles designed to access the main providers. Configuring ports, routing and securities is very easy through the local control port or remotely via a telnet session or even through the embedded HTML server using a browser.