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 Drives multiple monitors from either 1 or 2 CPUs
  Crystal clear video, up to 1600 x 1280
non-interlaced up to 250 feet away


Models available to drive 2, 4, 8 or 16 monitors

  • Drives multiple monitors from either 1 or 2 computers
  • Available in two, four, eight or sixteen output models
  • Internal gain adjustment to increase brightness of monitors
  • Ideal for classrooms, conference rooms, point of sale presentations, trading room floors, process control, security systems, airports, restaurants, and many other applications
  • Daisy-chain units to one another with VGA male to female cables to drive 64 or more videos
  • Designed to drive long cables with high capacitance
  • Monitors can be located up to 250 feet away from your CPU with optional extended distance cables
  • Uses VGA style HD15 connectors, male for CPUs, female for monitors
  • Optional A/B switches allow you to switch from two different CPUs
  • Output enable turns off all but port one, so that you can hide the video output while still being able to use one output
  • Made in USA

When it comes to amplifying video from one or two computers, the VideoSplitter is the device to use. The VideoSplitter was designed to drive video thru long cables with high capacitance.

The VideoSplitter is perfect for use in classrooms, conference rooms, point-of-sale, process control, and security systems. You can daisy-chain VideoSplitters together to attach additional monitors.

VideoSplitter models are available to drive two, four, eight or sixteen monitors. Monitors can be located up to 250 feet away from your computer. If additional distance is required, ask us about our VideoSplitter CAT5.

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