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RVD-LCD15/TU - RackView, 15" LCD with USB Touchscreen

RackView™ LCD Touchscreen

Desktop LCD Touchscreen


15”, 17”, Or 19” High Color TFT LCD Display

Slim bezel designed housing

Adjust LCD angle from -5 up to 90 degrees

Full stereo audio option


The following model features are available:

  • Fashionable housing design with slim bezel

  • 15”, 17" or 19” TFT/LCD touchscreen LCD

  • High contrast color TFT LCD display

  • Resolution up to 1280 x 1024

  • Advanced OSD control for easy picture adjustments

  • Hot key for AUTO adjustments

  • Stable base with adjustable screen angle

  • Compatible with IBM VGA, VESA standards

  • Supports DDC1/2B for Plug & Play compatibility

  •  Economical, uses less than 50 watts of power

  •  Quick and easy set-up

  • Free Technical Support


  • 3M 5 wire resistive touch panel

  • 3M Capacitive touch panel

  • Anti-glare tempered glass

  • USB HUB (2 downstream ports and 1 upstream port






Product Part Number Description
RVD-LCD15/TU RackView, 15" LCD with USB Touchscreen
RVD-LCD17/TU RackView, 17" LCD with USB Touchscreen
RVD-LCD19/TU RackView, 19" LCD with USB Touchscreen