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CRK-1VH4U1TP-300 - Single VGA / USB 1.1

CrystalView USB 1.1





Extend video and USB 1.1 peripheral (including keyboard and mouse) up to 330 feet from the controlling computer

Supports USB 1.1 (low/ full speed) at 12Mb/s

Advanced automatic video compensation and equalization with optional skew adjustments

Designed to support high powered USB devices

Available is single, dual, or quad video models

Supports Video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200

  • Supports USB 1.1 (low and full speed up to 12Mb/s)

  • Extend single, dual, or quad video and USB 1.1 peripherals up to 330 ft (100m) from a CPU using CATx cable (CAT5, 5e, 6, or 7)

  • Cable length compensation adjustments (Equalization and gain) are automatically performed

  • Video equalization and gain can be fine tuned with simple keyboard commands

  • Automatic video skew adjustments (optional)

  • VESA enhanced DDC enables plug-and-play capability

  • Flash upgradeable firmware prevents obsolescence

  • SVGA, VGA, XGA, RGB video modes

  • Single, Dual, or Quad head VGA video cards

  • USB or PS/2 keyboards and mice

  • USB 1.1 low and full speed peripherals

  • Video resolutions up to 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz

  • Up to 500 ma of power is available at each USB port for powering high-power USB devices

  • Optional +12V power adapter for the transmitter
    (Needed if USB port power in inadequate to power
     the transmitter)

  • Operating system independent

  • Made in USA


The CrystalView USB1.1 Video and USB extender is the extender of choice for extending single, dual, or quad video and USB devices up to 330 feet from the controlling computer. The CrystalView USB1.1 extender makes this possible by the use of standard CATx cable.  You can view single, dual, or quad video and fully operate and control your USB devices from as far away as 330 feet using standard CATx cable.

Remotely accessing your USB devices is made convenient in a variety of situations.  You can locate users away from hazardous industrial environments where the USB device is located, locate devices away from areas vulnerable to theft of hardware and data, reduce noise and heat; increase desk and floor space.

Transmit high quality single, dual, or quad video using CATx cable.  Cable length is no problem. The CrystalView USB1.1 automatically adjusts the video compensation and gain based on the cable length.  The auto skew model automatically adjusts the RGB video components to provide a crystal clear display regardless of cable type, patch panels or cable       routing.

Locate a video monitor(s) in remote       control areas, classrooms, conference     areas, video studios, and present the video from a computer 330 feet away.


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Product Part # Description
CRK-1VH4U1TP-300 Single VGA / USB 1.1
CRK-2VH4U1TP-300 Dual VGA / USB 1.1
CRK-4VH4U1TP-300 Quad VGA / USB 1.1
CRK-1VP4U1TP-300 Single VGA / USB 1.1 / AUX PS/2
CRK-2VP4U1TP-300 Dual VGA / USB 1.1 / AUX PS/2
CRK-4VP4U1TP-300 Quad VGA / USB 1.1 / AUX PS/2
/W Automatic skew adjustment
TFR05D500FSUP-2.1 +5VDC power adapter
TFR12D300FSUP-3.5 +12VDC power adapter