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Remote Gateway

Raisecom provides a complete family of Fast Ethernet over 1 E1 interface converters, and Fast Ethernet over 4/8 E1 inverse multiplexers for accessing Ethernet services of 2Mbps~16Mbps. Both standalone version and modular version (working in RC001/002 series chassis) are available. Customers also have options of using electrical or optical Fast Ethernet port to fit in their local network environment.

We use these interface converters and inverse multiplexers point-to-point or deploy them opposite to central aggregation gateways. All point-to-point and point-to-multipoint applications formed by Raisecom EoPDH family members are under the network management of Raisecom NView NNM system.

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Fast Ethernet over 8E1 Inverse Multiplexer (Central Office Module)

RC954-FE8E1(-BL) is Inverse Multiplexer that delivers fast Ethernet service over existing TDM transportation network. It utilizes the state-of-the-art inverse multiplexing technology to realize the transmission of Fast Ethernet service over 8 bonded E1 circuits(16M).RC954-FE8E1(-BL) can be installed in RC002-16 slot chassis operating opposite the RC953-FE(X)8E1 for integrated SNMP management,enabling an economical path towards extending the distance of existing Ethernet network by utilizing existing E1 resources. Additionally its advanced features such as automatic E1 link adjustment, fault pass through and remote network management provide carriers a flexible, reliable and cost-effective solution for high-quality Ethernet Service delivery by using TDM network resources.

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