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Central Aggregation Gateway

One of the typical application scenarios of EoPDH devices is in a point to multipoint topology. We set up a standalone EoPDH aggregator with no less than 16 E1 channels on Line side in the central office, and aggregates Ethernet services from multiple remote converters over single E1 circuit or bonded E1 circuits according to the bandwidth requirement from customer sides. We usually call this standalone EoPDH aggregator in the central office an EoPDH aggregation gateway.

There are 4 aggregation gateway devices in Raisecom EoPDH family providing different aggregation capacity and applying different EoPDH technologies. They form point to multipoint topologies with Raisecom single E1 interface converters and 4/8 E1 inverse multiplexers.

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Fast Ethernet over E1 Ethernet Aggregation Gateway

RC953E-3FE16E1 is a Fast Ethernet over E1 or bonded E1 aggregation gateway performing a seamless Ethernet access for customers over existing TDM network.

It is typically deployed in central office, aggregating up to 16 E1 circuits which deliver Ethernet services from remote sites. RC953E-3FE16E1 is composed of 2 EoPDH units. Both of them are 1 Fast Ethernet over 8 E1 inverse multiplexing unit. The device is able to aggregate Ethernet service bandwidth from 2Mbps to 16Mbps. Remote Ethernet services are aggregated and transmitted to packet switching network through its Fast Ethernet interfaces. VLAN switching function of RC953E-3FE16E1 permits packets with specific VLAN ID to be forwarded while isolate others. By supporting 802.1Q VLAN and Q-in-Q, different traffic profiles for different VLAN domains are available.

RC953E-3FE16E1 can be managed via SNMP/Telnet/CONSOLE, meanwhile the remote Raisecom HDLC-encapsulation based EoPDH devices such as RC952, RC953 and RC954 series can be remotely discovered by the central RC953E-3FE16E1. Both the aggregation gateway and its remotes can be monitored and network managed on the GUI of Raisecom NView NNM system.

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