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Ethernet over Fiber

Although emerged as a Local Area Network technology, Ethernet has experienced exponential growth nowadays. Carriers and Service Providers are offering more and more Ethernet access service to both corporate and individual customers because of its affordable price and sufficient bandwidth provisioning.

However, also because of Ethernet's LAN nature, there are quite a few features and functions need to be addressed and completed in order to be deployed as a transport technology. This transportation revolution may take some time to finish. Through years of researching and working with world major carriers and industry expertises, Raisecom has developed an entire set of Carrier-Class Ethernet access and transportation technology to deliver Carrier Ethernet services for both coporate and individual customers.

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RC552-GEF is a new member of Raisecom RC552 series OAM media converter family. The media converter uses SFP module at Client side, which gives carriers options when they're facing different customers with different local network infrastructures and different service access requirements. When using 10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation copper SFP, RC552-GEF is a 10/100/1000M media converter; when using fixed 1000Mbps copper SFP, RC552-GEF is a fixed 1000M media converter; when using fiber SFP, RC552-GEF becomes a simple fiber converter or repeater for Gigabit Ethernet services.

  • Certified EPL services delivering compliant with MEF9 and MEF14
  • Cost-effective copper to fiber media conversion of Gigabit Ethernet service
  • Fiber extension of Carrier Ethernet service, typically applied in pair or directly connected to fiber port switches
  • Applying SFP modules for both Line side and Client side
  • 1000M fiber SFP, fixed 1000M copper SFP and 10/100/1000M auto-negotiation copper SFP can be options of Client side SFP module
  • Front panel LED indication
  • User configurable Client side GE port 10/100/1000Mbps auto-negotiation and auto-MDI/MDIX
  • MTU up to 2000 Bytes (when working at 10/100Mbps), Jumbo Frame up to 9720 Bytes (when working at 1000Mbps)
  • User configurable Line-to-Client and Client-to-Line fault pass through
  • User configurable rate limit by N*0.8Mbps, N*8Mbps and N*80Mbps when Client side GE port working at 10Mbps, 100Mbps and 1000Mbps
  • 4K MAC address table, MAC address learning enabled by default, aging time configurable
  • IEEE802.1Q VLAN, 16 VLAN group
  • CoS trusted QoS, 4 queues, SPR+WRR, support CoS value rewriting
  • Q-in-Q
  • Line side SFP module options, available with multimode and single-mode, single-strand and dual-strand, short-distance and long-distance up to 80Km
  • Modular design, power supplied in RC002 series chassis
  • Local and remote managed via SNMP on the GUI of NView NNM system
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