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TDM over IP

Raisecom's carrier grade TDM over IP gateways provide ideal and complete solutions for extending legacy TDM services over Packet Switched Networks such as Ethernet, MPLS or IP networks.

RC1201 TDM over IP gateways enable carriers to provide legacy telephone, fax, and data services to enterprise/corporate customers across low cost packet networks rather than traditional point-to-point expensive TDM network.

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TDM over IP Remote Access Gateway

RC1201-4FE4E1T1 is a TDM over IP access gateway for enterprises and mobile operators, offering TDM leased line extention or TDM traffic backhaul over a Packed Switched Network. It provides a legacy over Ethernet/IP solution supporting transmission of E1/T1 streams over IP and Ethernet based networks.

RC1201-4FE4E1T1 is integrated with 4 E1/T1 and 4 local Ethernet traffic ports which can be configured from 4 10/100BaseTx and 1000BaseX port. It converts data streams from its E1/T1 ports into packets for transmission over the packet switched network such as MPLS, IP and Ethernet networks. RC1201 TDM over IP devices are working in pairs and can be remotely managed through Raisecom's NNM platform.

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