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Ethernet over Copper

G.SHDSL.bis technology is used to transmit Carrier Ethernet services over twisted copper pairs. Based on the number of copper pair bonded, Raisecom's RC1102/RC1106 series G.SHDSL.bis modems are capable of delivering from 4.6Mbps to 45Mbps Ethernet throughput over maximum 8-pair of copper cables.

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RC1102-FE (Rev.B)
RC1102-FE (Rev.B)

RC1102-FE (Rev.B)

Fast Ethernet over Copper - G.SHDSL.bis Modem

  • Ethernet service over copper infrastructure with rate up to 5.7Mbps
  • Compliant to ITU-T G.991.2 standard
  • Support G.SHDSL.bis technology
  • Data rates from 64kbps up to 5.7Mbps over 2-wire twisted pair
  • Local and remote loopback mechanism for diagnostic of transmission line
  • Modular design installed in 1, 4, or 16-slot chassis with AC/DC power supply
  • Remote and local management via RC001-1M, RC002-4, and RC002-16


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