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Ethernet over Copper

G.SHDSL.bis technology is used to transmit Carrier Ethernet services over twisted copper pairs. Based on the number of copper pair bonded, Raisecom's RC1102/RC1106 series G.SHDSL.bis modems are capable of delivering from 4.6Mbps to 45Mbps Ethernet throughput over maximum 8-pair of copper cables.

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RC1102-FE (Rev.B)
RC1102-FE (Rev.B)

RC1102-FE (Rev.B)

Fast Ethernet over Copper - G.SHDSL.bis Modem

The RC1102-FE modem uses TC-PAM16 (Trellis Code – Pulse Amplitude Modulation) technology to extend the transmission distance of Fast Ethernet services. They fast and cost-effectively extend Ethernet distance up to several kilometers via a single pair of 0.4mm twisted pair, which is widely and commonly used in subscriber local loops. By working point to point, RC1102-FE devices provide transparent E-line services with up to 5.7Mbps throughput over two wires or four wires separately. Optionally, carriers can choose to provide any data rate gradually from 64kbps to 5.7Mbps with 64kbps increment.

The RC1102-FE modems are designed as rack-mountable modules, which can be inserted into RC001-1 single slot, RC002-4 four-slot, and RC002-16 sixteen-slot chassis. When deployed in central office site, it shall always be configured as MASTER mode; in customer premise site, it shall be configured as SLAVE mode. By using Raisecom’s NNM network management system, both local and remote management can be implemented. All user configurable parameters can be set and monitored through NNM system.

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