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Raisecom proudly presents more than 10 telecom access product lines including Carrier Ethernet, Ethernet Demarcation Device, GEPON, Ethernet Switch, and legacy PDH, SDH and PCM Multiplxer equipment to fulfill Carrier's and Service Provider's requirement for telecom access network.

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Through years of researching and working with world major carriers and industry expertises, Raisecom has developed an entire set of Carrier-Class Ethernet access and transportation technology to deliver Carrier Ethernet services for both coporate and individual customers...

Ethernet Demarcation Device

Ethernet is becoming the transport network technology rather than the original LAN technology, and customers are looking forward to carrying Layer 2 and Layer 3 traffic on Carrier Ethernet. Raisecom introduces state-of-the-art functionalities...

Ethernet Switch

Raisecom introduces state-of-the-art functionalities such as traffic management, Ethernet Ring (50ms convergence time), auto configuration (DHCP option82), Quality of Service, selective QINQ, L2 to L7 Access Control List, VLAN stacking and rewriting...
EPON is based on the Ethernet standard, unlike other PON technologies, which are based on the ATM standard. This lets you utilize the economies-of-scale of Ethernet, and provides simple, easy-to-manage connectivity to Ethernet-based, IP equipment, both at the customer premises and at the central office...
Raisecom's carrier grade TDM over IP gateways provide ideal and complete solutions for extending legacy TDM services over Packet Switched Networks such as Ethernet, MPLS or IP networks...
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Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) is still the foremost transmission infrastructure technology, with the huge and tremendous investment and countless users everywhere. There are good reasons why this veteran technology will continue to play an important role for the coming years...
Raisecom's Multi-Service Access Platform offers a winning deployment strategy for any operators, carriers and service providers with SDH application or relying on SDH based access network for their service delivery. MSAP family of products consists of specialized equipment in various devices located in the customer premises and POP site or central office...
Raisecom's PCM product family is mainly aimed at professional communication subscribers and carriers who provide services for them. Professional communication subscribers have special requirements to voice and data communication...
Raisecom's IPDSLAMs terminate and convert ATM traffic directly into Ethernet or EPON network. The DLCOM series cover a wide range of Central and Remote IP DSLAMs well suited for services with different deployment scales and requirements ...
Raisecom's NView NNM platform is a GUI based network management system, which provides the configuration, monioring and management of all Raisecom equipment ...

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