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ISCOM5800E Chassis

ISCOM5800E is the enhanced Optical Line Terminal of Raisecom GEPON system with various line modules, including 2/4/10 GE line module and 2/4 PON line module. It is designed to provide powerful routing ability, access capacity and use 15 slots chassis, redundant SMC control module. It provides 11 service slots which can be inserted all types of service module, except for 4 combo interface line module which can only be inserted into slot 5 and 10 GE line module which can only be inserted into slot 6 as well as slot 9. ISCOM5800E also supports flexible uplink interface allocation, and can be extended to support TDM interface, voice gateway interface.

GEPON complies with IEEE802.3ah standard and enhances the transfer rates of high-speed Internet connection services by fiber optics while reducing the cost by sharing multiple lines. It can greatly reduce the networking CAPEX and OPEX for its reducing failure points and simplifying network architecture, presenting carriers an ideal solution for deploying packet switching network with limited fibesr resources.

ISCOM5800E is equipped with industry-leading layer-2 switching technologies such as service-based traffic management, customized Quality of Service, L2 to L4 Access Control List, VLAN stacking and rewriting, IGMP Snooping and MVR for IPTV and VOD services, RSTP and port loop back detection for avoiding broadcast storm, port rate-limiting and link aggregation, and efficient network management. Meanwhile, in order to prevent carriers' network from malicious attack, ISCOM5800E is integrated with various policies to ensure the security of customers, network, and Switch themselves.

ISCOM5800E is deployed in central office and can be managed through Console, Telnet and Raisecom GUI-basic NView NMS. With redundant power supply, ISCOM5800E allows the most uptime while reduces both Capital Expenditure and Operating Expense.

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ISCOM5800E-4GE Line module

ISCOM5800E-4GE is the gigabit combo interface line module, it provides 4 gigabit combo interfaces for connecting with uplink switches, and also it supports link aggregation for line site. In this case, if failure is detected in one port of the group, ISCOM5800E-4GE will immediately switch to another port of the group. ISCOM5800E-4GE only can be inserted into slot 5.

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