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Raisecom- ISCOM2118-MA- Managed L2 Access Switch with 16 10/100Base-T ports and 2 1000Base T SFP ports- Raisecom Access Switch- Raisecom Ethernet Switch- Ethernet Switch- Access Switch- Aggregation Switch

Access Switch

ISCOM2000 series switch is Raisecom’s new generation managed Layer-2 Ethernet Switch in terms of cost efficiency, outstanding performance, and high dependability, which is able to satisfy multiple points’ access requirements of residential community, commercial building, campus, and enterprise end-users with provisioning of Fast Ethernet access service for desktop and working groups.

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Managed L2 Access Switch with 16*10/100Base-T ports and 2 1000Base-T SFP ports

ISCOM2118-MA acts as an enhanced aggregation Ethernet Switch, which can be network managed both locally and remotely. It is designed for Raisecom’s Carrier Ethernet portfolio. ISCOM2118-MA provides 16 100BASE-T ports and 2 Gigabit uplink SFP ports., which are for 100/1000BaseT or SFP uplink ports. It adopts industrial-advanced microchips and switching structure to ensure carrier-class stability and dependability.
ISCOM2118-MA contributes to extremely costeffective solutions that are suitable for campus, enterprise, and residential community networks aggregation scenarios, helping carriers not only reduce Capital Expenditure but also Total Cost of Ownership.







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