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Raisecom ISCOM5101 - Raisecom Optical Network Unit - Raisecom Media Converter- Ethernet Switch- Ethernet Demarcation Device- CWDM- G.SHDSL Modem- SFP Modules- Ethernet Over E1- Optical Coupler/Splitter- Ethernet Over SDH- GEPON

Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network

ISCOM5101 Optical Network Unit
ISCOM5124 Optical Network Unit
ISCOM5504 Optical Line Terminal

ISCOM5101 and ISCOM5124 are cost-effective ONU devices, which are designed to access residential and business subscribers into PON network. ISCOM5101 provides one single strand PON interface and one 10/100M Ethernet interface; while ISCOM5124 provides one single strand PON interface and 24 10/100M Ethernet interfaces. Together with Raisecom ISCOM5504 OLT device, they provide full L2 switching functionality for data and IPTV services. They can also be remotely monitored and managed through OLT device.

ISCOM5504 is an Optical Line Terminal of Raisecom GEPON system that aggregates Ethernet traffic from remote ONU devices through passive optical splitters. It provides 4 single strand PON interfaces for communicating with downlink ONU devices and 4 gigabit combo interfaces for connecting with uplink switches, enabling a high-speed and cost-effective FTTH solution in last mile. Raisecom complies with IEEE802.3ah standard and enhances the transfer rates of high-speed Internet connection services by fiber optics while reducing the cost by sharing multiple lines. It can greatly reduce the networking CAPEX and OPEX for its reducing failure points and simplying network architecture, presenting carriers and ideal solution for deploying packet switching


* OLT has 4 combo GE uplinks and 4 GEPON interfaces

* Symmetric 1.25Gbps data rate up to 20km

* Up to 1:32 split ratio

* ONU provides 1 or 24 Ethernet interface with each GEPON uplink

* Port rate-limiting at 64K increment on both egress and ingress

* IGMP Snooping V1/V2/V3 and MVR

* 802.1Q VLAN and QnQ

* Support CAR at 1M increment, 4 output queues

* 802.1p and DSCP PRI, diffServ and IP TOS

* Support L2-L4 basec ACL policies


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