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EPON is based on the Ethernet standard, unlike other PON technologies, which are based on the ATM standard. This lets you utilize the economies-of-scale of Ethernet, and provides simple, easy-to-manage connectivity to Ethernet-based, IP equipment, both at the customer premises and at the central office. As with other Gigabit Ethernet media, it is well-suited to carry packetized traffic, which is dominant at the access layer, as well as time-sensitive voice and video traffic.

The strong market growth of Ethernet-based services is creating a challenge for carriers and service providers of metropolitan area in the meanwhile standing them a good chance for new high-margin revenues. These new Ethernet-based networks typically require a cost-effective transport platform for the bandwidth-intensive services and enforced SLA to provide customers the contracted services. Furthermore, these networks need adequate OAM capabilities for end-to-end monitoring and management to realize the “real Carrier Class Ethernet”.

Ethernet plus FTTH has emerged as the preferred LAN and MAN technology for capacity growth in carrier networks to improve long-term profitability and position their networks and operations for ongoing growth of high-speed IP-based services such as IP video, VoIP, gaming, and other bandwidth-intensive services. Gigabit Ethernet Passive Optical Network is an ideal technology to deliver FTTH broadband services which provides an affordable access pipes to the customer premises, leveraging the simplicity of Ethernet and the high speeds of fiber in the metropolitan area.

Compliant with all IEEE standards, Raisecom's GEPON product family includes ISCOM5504, ISCOM5600 and ISCOM5800 Optical Line Termination system (OLT) deployed at the Central Office (CO) as well as several kinds of Optical Network Unit (ONU) with diversified interface number deployed at the customer's premises. The OLT provides direct optical connection with the IP core, while the ONU terminates the PON at the customer's premises for accessing end users. The GEPON system provides the uniform transmission of native Ethernet service in last mile, enabling up to one gigabit per second of bandwidth to multiple residential and business customers and delivering high-speed voice, data and video services to residential and business subscribers.

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OLT (Optical Line Terminal)

EPON network is made up of OLT, ONU and ODN. OLT provides direct optical connection with the IP core, while the ONU terminates the PON at the customer's premises for accessing end users...

ONU (Optical Network Unit)

ONU is a cost-efficient EPON device, which is designed to access residential and business subscribers into PON network. It provides single or multiple Ethernet interfaces for accessing subscriber's gateway or computer...

Passive Splitter

Optical Splitter is passive optical device that connects three or more fiber ends, dividing one input between two or more outputs, or combining two or more inputs into one output. Optical splitter is generally deployed in passive optical network...

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