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Carrier Ethernet

Although emerged as a Local Area Network technology, Ethernet has experienced exponential growth nowadays. Carriers and Service Providers are offering more and more Ethernet access service to both corporate and individual customers because of its affordable price and sufficient bandwidth provisioning.

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Ethernet over Fiber

Raisecom media converter family is famous for high price/performance ratio, high reliability, and the feature of being monitored and managed in a concentrated way on one GUI. We are proud that Raisecom media converters are continuous the best-selling brand on China domestic market for many years and have been earning Raisecom good profit from international market these years.

Ethernet over PDH

In an Ethernet prevailing network, Ethernet over PDH technology makes it possible that the carriers deliver Ethernet services over their existing PDH and SDH infrastructures to service subscribers.

Ethernet over SDH

Ethernet over SDH network termination equipment provides simple and cost-effective solution for bridging Fast and Gigabit Ethernet traffic over STM-1 or STM-4 circuits. They are widely used for backhauling mobile base stations and IP DSLAMs, providing from N*2Mbps to wire-speed Ethernet connections.

Ethernet over Copper

G.SHDSL.bis technology is used to transmit Carrier Ethernet services over twisted copper pairs. Based on the number of copper pair bonded, Raisecom's RC1102/RC1106 series G.SHDSL.bis modems are capable of delivering from 4.6Mbps to 45Mbps Ethernet throughput over maximum 8-pair of copper cables.

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