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Raisecom RC956 FE8E1/FX8E1 - Raisecom Inverse Multiplexing Ethernet Gateway - Raisecom Ethernet over E1 - Raisecom Media Converter- Ethernet Switch- Ethernet Demarcation Device- CWDM- G.SHDSL Modem- SFP Modules- Ethernet Over E1- Optical Coupler/Splitter- Ethernet Over SDH- GEPON

Inverse Multiplexing Ethernet Gateway

RC956-FE8E1 is an Inverse Multiplexing Ethernet Gateway. Since the RC956-FE8E1 functions as a bridge operating over an SDH/ SONET environment, service providers can achieve a seamless interconnection between customers connected over the TDM network and customers connected over the packet network, while maintaining the same service level attributes.

RC956-FE8E1 can be deployed in central site for aggregating Ethernet user traffic received from remote devices or enabling Inverse Multiplexing for enlarging much more bandwidth. RC956-FE8E1 provides 1 Ethernet port and 8 E1 ports for subscribers and functions as a bridge between IP-based network and leased circuits. Additionally its advanced features such as automatic E1 link adjustment, Q-in-Q, QoS (Quality of Service), flexible and reliable solution for high-quality Ethernet Service delivery by using TDM network resources. So RC956-FE8E1 completes a full access solution from the service provider central site to the customer premises. and Ethernet Switch, etc.


* Single E1 Mode for aggregating up to 8 remote sites

* Inverse Multiplexing mode for flexibly transmitting Ethernet Service over multiple E1 links

* Single E1 Mode or Inverse Multiplexing Mode

* Optional balanced 120Ohm or unbalanced 75Ohm E1 interface

* MTU up to 1632 Bytes and 1632 bytes MAC address

* Support local and remote loop back

* Built-in BERT function for diagnostics

* Provides QoS utilizing four priority queues per COS

* VLAN transparent forwarding. VLAN tagging and stacking (Q-in-Q)

* IEEE802.3x in full duplex

* Support BPDU, Dot1x, GMRP, GVRP, and ICMP on per port

* In-band and out-of-band (SNMP, Telnet, CONSOLE) management

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