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Raisecom 10/100M Ethernet to E1 Protocol Converter - Raisecom RC952 - Raisecom Ethernet over E1 - Raisecom Media Converter- Ethernet Switch- Ethernet Demarcation Device- CWDM- G.SHDSL Modem- SFP Modules- Ethernet Over E1- Optical Coupler/Splitter- Ethernet Over SDH- GEPON

10/100M Ethernet to E1 Protocol Converter

RC952 series protocol converter provides 1E1 link (2Mbps) for transportation of 10/100M Ethernet services. They are always working in pairs to encapsulate/extract Ethernet data frames into/from HDLC frames, providing a transparent channel between enterprise and carrier POP or between enterprise offices.

RC952 has a modular design that enables itself to fit into Raisecom RC series chassis. Therefore, through an SNMP agent, SNMP management can be implemented through an Ethernet connection between the chassis and management station. Furthermore, through Raisecom private proprietary OAM protocol, remote RC952 that is always situated at customer promise can also be managed and monitored.

RC952 provides protocol conversions and acts as a bridge which bridges the gap between Ethernet and legacy TDM network. Thus, it has a very broad range of applications, such as connecting IP DSLAM, connecting Routers/Switches between POPs, etc.



*10/100M Ethernet over E1 protocol converter

*Modular design with hot-swapping capability

*Optional copper or fiber Ethernet interface

*Optional balanced 120Ohm or unbalanced 75Ohm E1 interface

*MTU up to 1916Bytes

*Flexible bandwidth allocation from 64Kbps to 2.048Mbps in 64K increment

*E1 timeslot free appointment in framed E1 mode

*Fault propagation from E1 interface to Ethernet interface

*Remote SNMP management

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