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Ethernet over SDH

Ethernet over SDH network termination equipment provides simple and cost-effective solution for bridging Fast and Gigabit Ethernet traffic over STM-1 or STM-4 circuits. They are widely used for backhauling mobile base stations and IP DSLAMs, providing from N*2Mbps to wire-speed Ethernet connections.

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Gigabit Ethernet over SDH STM-1

RC702-GE is a network termination unit for simple, fast, and cost-effective connecting Gigabit Ethernet network across the SDH STM-1 circuits. It enables carriers and service providers to provide broadband Ethernet based services by utilizing the existing SDH infrastructure. By working in pairs, RC702 devices provide a transparent Gigabit Ethernet channel with up to 100Mbps throughput. Optionally, carriers can choose from VC12, VC3 or VC4 encapsulation to provide gradually from 2Mbps to 100Mbps speed for final users.

RC702 devices are widely employed and used by carriers to provide leased line services for enterprises, governments and railways. They are also always considered as a cost-efficient approach of IP DSLAM backhauling and wireless/WiMAX backhauling. RC702 adopts modular design with 4 expansion slots, 1 for STM-1 interface card, 1 for Gigabit Ethernet interface card, and 2 for power supplies. For different applications, a variety of STM-1/Gigabit Ethernet interfaces are provided, including copper BNC and fiber optic STM-1, and copper RJ45 and fiber optic Gigabit Ethernet interfaces. Carriers can also choose from different fiber interface types to support from 2km to 120km transmission distances. Please refer to the ordering information for detailed configurations.

RC702 supports out-of-band management by command line configuration and management on console port and SNMP interface. It also supports in-band remote management of remote RC702 device. It is a 1U-high, 19-inch wide standalone device in metal enclosure. It is available with dual redundant AC or DC power supplies to ensure the most uptime.

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