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Raisecom RC702 - Raisecom Fast Ethernet over SDH Access Platform - Raisecom Ethernet over SDH - Raisecom Media Converter- Ethernet Switch- Ethernet Demarcation Device- CWDM- G.SHDSL Modem- SFP Modules- Ethernet Over E1- Optical Coupler/Splitter- Ethernet Over SDH- GEPON

Fast Ethernet over SDH Access Platform

RC702 is a standalone Fast Ethernet-over-SDH network edge access platform in compact metal enclosure. It is designed for fully utilizing the existing SDH network resources to provide subscribers with SLA MAN or even WAN Ethernet access service. It introduces standard encapsulation technology such as GFP/LAPS to map Fast Ethernet packets into SDH frame structure. Since it adopts international standard encapsulation mechanism, it can interoperate with similar-function EOS equipment from other vendors. With complete local and remote management functions, carriers are easily monitoring and controlling the entire access network at central office.

RC702 is widely welcomed by incumbent carriers and service providers to generate new revenues while preserving original capital investment.


* Master/slave clock mode, clock maintenance supported

* STM-1 connection mode

* VC4 granularity

* LCAS supported

* GFP/LAPS encapsulation

* SNMP/Telnet/Console management

* Low transmission delay

* Support real-time service

* End-to-end performance test and near-end/far-end fault alarm

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Ethernet over SDH

Next generation Ethernet over SDH terminal multiplexer, which provides an easy, efficient and cost-effective bridging of Ethernet services over SDH networks.

RC702 Fast Ethernet over SDH Access Platform
Gigabit Ethernet over SDH Access Platform
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