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Raisecom 10/100M Remote Management Media Converter - Raisecom RC511/512/513/514-FE - Raisecom Media Converter- Ethernet Switch- Ethernet Demarcation Device- CWDM- G.SHDSL Modem- SFP Modules- Ethernet Over E1- Optical Coupler/Splitter- Ethernet Over SDH- GEPON

10/100M Remote Management Media Converter

RC511/512/513/514-FE 10/100M media converter is designed for accessing broadband subscribers at the edge of IP backbone network. It bridged the bandwidth gap between traditional TDM circuits and IP core by providing tailored bandwidth from 32K to 100Mbps. Thanks to the deployment of such media converter, bandwidth-thirst services such as IPTV and Video Conference were made possible.

RC51X series media converter performs the media conversion between 10/100M copper lines and 100M fiber links, effectively extending Ethernet transmission distance from 100m to 120km (need customization). According to carriers’ specific network environment, different fiber optic options from single-mode to multimode, from single-strand to dual-strand can be ordered.

Its robustness and dependability has made it widely welcomed and popular with carriers and ISPs. RC51X shall always be working in pairs. Through SNMP agent, they can be both locally and remotely managed in Raisecom iEMS. This feature has greatly helped carriers to reduce truck rolls and total cost ownership.


*10/100M auto-negotiation media converter

*Auto-MDI/MDIX copper interface

*Standalone and modular design with hot-swapping capability

*MTU up to 1916 Bytes

*Bi-directional bandwidth management at 32K increment

*Fault propagation from fiber interface to copper interface as well as from remote copper interface to local copper interface

* Various fiber and wavelength options

* Different transmission distance options Remote SNMP management through Raisecom iEMS system

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