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Quest DVR Security Enclosure-Quest Data Cabinets-SE0920 21 02 series data cabinets

ATS has teamed up with the USA's leading manufacturers of data cabinets and data racks including Quest with its SE0920 21 02 series data cabinets and 2 and 4 post racking systems and data center accessories to offer our valued customers. We have one of the largest selections of Data Cabinets, Data Racks, and Data cabinet accesories in the USA. We also stock data racks and cabinets manufactured by Emerson, APC, Knurr, Quest, Middle Atlantic, Hoffman, Cannon including their line of water cooled data cabinets along with Zone 4 seismic cabinets.. Please call us for available cabinet stock selection. ATS is also known for our large custom selections of data cabinets where we will design build your data cabinets with our engineers asnd provide you the right cabinet at the right price incuding the latest rebates for your local tility to cover your upgrade rack costs. We now are offering DATA CENTER DESIGN along with it complete array of data cabinets, data racks, data center cabinets, chillers and systems. ATS is now a world class provider of data cabinets from standard 42 U cabinets to custom cabinet designs to seismic- Zone 4 to your standard off the shelf QUICK SHIP data cabinets and rack in several sizes , depths and colors. We have all sizes and types of data cabinets from the economic styled offered by Quest and others to our water cooled line of data racks made by Cannon. We have a corner data cabinet made by Kendall Howard.

We also offer Custom Data Cabinets-Racks In A Row- Water Cooled Cabinets- Zone 4 Cabinets and Computer Workstations

DVR Security Enclosure

  Solid Door Acrylic Door
External Rack Size Height 9" 9"
External Rack Size Width 20" 20"
External Rack Size Depth 21" 21"
Mounting Format (Internal) 19" 19"
Hinged Front Locking Door Vented Solid Metal Clear Acrylic
Reinforced Door Frame Yes Yes
Rear Cage Mounts Yes Yes
Single Key Lock Set 2 keys per set 2 keys per set
Cable Access Rear: Cutouts Rear: Cutouts
Structure & Fabrication 18AWG Steel 18AWG Steel
Electrostatic Powdercoat MicroFinish Black Black
Preinstalled 80CFM 110V Fans 1 1
Cage Nuts, Screws & Washers 4 each 4 each
Compliance EIA-310D EIA-310D
Delivery Style Assembled Assembled


SKU Ship Weight Color Door Type Ext. Dimensions Inches UPC  
SE0920-21-02 27 lbs. Black Vented Hinged Front Door 20"w x 21"d 9" 80011802116
SE0920-21-02A 27 lbs. Black Clear Acrylic Hinged Front Door 20"w x 21"d 9" 80011802245


These DVR Security Enclosures are designed for securing any equipment that needs to be inaccessible to any unauthorized personel, such as video recorders, VHS recorders or any other equipment requiring a secure lock box. These boxes are available with a vented steel front door, or with a see through acrylic window for remote control access. If mounting on a wall is required, wall mount brackets are sold as an option (WB-SE-02).


  • Removable Top Panel - Top Panel is removable for easy access to equipmentand wiring.
  • Hinged Locking Front Door - Hinged Front Door is available in see-through acrylic or vented solid metal with key lock for secure and easy access.
  • Fixed Cage Nut Mount - 1U Fixed Cage Nut Mount for cage nuts threaded for standard #12-24 mounting screws.
  • Pre-Installed Cooling Fan - Pre-Installed 110VAC 80CFM fan unit keeps equipment running cool.

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