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Telco Systems’ T6 multi-layer IP switch delivers high-performance packet classification, switching, routing and transport for service providers and private enterprise.  It supports up to 32 Gigabit Ethernet ports delivering full wire-speed, non-blocking performance.   Its comprehensive policy enforcement and traffic shaping features efficiently manage precious network resources.  In addition to this high level switching and routing, T6 also offers Gigabit interface converter modules with dual SC, LC and MT-RJ fiber interfaces, as well as GBIC and 1000BaseT.

T6 offers Layer 2 Ethernet switching and Layer 3 IP routing at full wire-speed over 48,000,000 pps.  It is fully manageable via SNMP, CLI or the Web.  The CLI has a common look and feel with other industry leaders and administration occurs via a well-known interface.  Web management uses embedded Java ™-based management technology.


  • Scalable up to 32 Gigabit Ethernet copper or fiber ports
  • Non-blocking, wire-speed performance over 64 Gbps back plane
  • Wide range of optical and copper interfaces
  • Hardware-based Layer 2-7 switching and routing
  • Hardware-based QoS delivery through rate limiting and traffic shaping for dynamic bandwidth allocation
  • Policy-based traffic classification
  • ACL support for enhanced wire-speed network security
  • Transparent LAN services for end-to-end tunneling services
  • IEEE 802.3ad link aggregation to eliminate bottlenecks and enable port redundancy
  • Support of IEEE 802.1q VLAN tagging
  • IGMP multicast support implemented in hardware
  • NEBS compliant

White Papers:
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