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Switches & Routers

IP Platforms

T4 & T5 Fully Managed IP Platforms
T5 Pro Multi-Layer IP Platform

Routing Switches
T4 & T5 Routing Switches
T5 Pro Multi-Layer IP Platform
T6 Multi-Layer IP Switch

Gigabit Ethernet Switches
T5G Multi-Gigabit Ethernet Concentration
T5 Pro Multi-Layer IP Platform
T6 Multi-Layer IP Switch

VDSL Switches
EdgeLink V24S VDSL Switch
EdgeLink VTU10 VDSL Termination Unit

Voice Over IP Gateways
EdgeGate VoIP CPE Gateways

EdgeLink OTM 1000 OC-3
EdgeLink 100 DS3
EdgeLink 100XT Hardened DS3

Integrated Access
Access60 / Access45

Distribution Hubs
EdgeLink M13 Distribution Hub

Fiber Transport Terminals

Digital Cross Connect
EdgeLink410 & EdgeLink810

Event Management System
EdgeView Event Management System

Product Categories

Merging voice and data on the local loop requires an integrated view of the network for the management, quick deployment and provisioning of new services. EdgeView EMS is designed to reduce the cost and complexity associated with that management and deployment. It is a cross-platform Element Management System that offers web based management for Telco Systems EdgeLink Family of products through a simple and intuitive GUI interface with complete access to maps, events, alerts, network database, reports, MIB browsing and administration.

Cost-effective, easy to use element management system

  • Auto discovery and display of all IP reachable Network Elements
  • Scalable network management across multiple platforms
  • Reduces the time and costs associated with provisioning, maintenance and troubleshooting

Press Releases:
Telco Systems Launches Powerful and Innovative Cross-Platform Element Management System

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