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EdgeLink300 T1/E1 Integrated Access solution for the CPE Edge is scaled for customer premises applications requiring compact, low-cost aggregation of voice, data and Internet/Intranet access to the network on a high-speed link. Its packet-ready architecture enables service providers to migrate to packet/cell-based services, while protecting their investment.

Seamless migration protects investment

  • Easy migration from today's TDM circuit-switched applications to tomorrow's cell and packet-based network
  • Scalable architecture with software based upgrade path to enhanced services
  • Allows deployment of services required with today's tariffs, with unit by unit expansion for tomorrow
  • As channel bank solution - low cost per port with high density
  • Compact single box solution lowers real estate/co-location costs

White Papers:
Successfully Competing in the Local Loop: A Networking Strategy for Emerging Providers

EdgeLink300 In the News

Press Releases:
Telco Systems Delivers HDSL2 for EdgeLink300
Telco Systems Sets New Industry Standards for Integrated Access
Telco Systems Doubles Capacity of EdgeLink300
Telco Systems Sets New Industry Standard With The World's Smallest Packet-ready Integrated Access Channel Bank
Telco Systems Debuts New Voice Only Version of its EdgeLink300
Telco Systems to Debut New EdgeLink300 Integrated Access Solution at COMNET'99


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