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EdgeLink100 is the industry's smallest, most cost-effective DS3 multiplexer available. Its compact, plug-and-play architecture enables service providers to turn up T1s fast, saving installation time and costs as well as valuable real estate. Deployed at every edge of the network from the core to the CPE Edge.

Cuts service deployment costs

  • Compact – only 1 RU – saves valuable real estate
  • Plug-and-play architecture – fast and easy to install
  • Remotely manageable
  • TFTP Software Downloadable – in-service upgrades
  • Redundant architecture – 1:1

White Papers:
Broadband Connectivity: The Revolution at the Network's Edge
Hunger for Increased Bandwidth, Gives Birth to New Breed of DS3 Multiplexers

EdgeLink100 In the News

Press Releases:
Telco Systems Selected as Atoga’s DS3 Multiplexer Provider
Telco Systems Provides Westell Technologies' ASTS Product Line with Advanced M13 and SONET Network Technology
Telco Systems EdgeLink100 Enhancements Bolster Company's Position as a Market Leader
Telco Systems' EdgeLink100 Jumps into DS3 Mux Market Lead as 7000th Unit Ships Driven by Broad Carrier Market Demand
Telco Systems Sets New Industry Standards for Integrated Access
Telco Systems Expands Management Capabilities of EdgeLink100 DS3 Multiplexer
PairGain Puts Telco Systems' EdgeLink100 Technology in HDSL Platform
Ovation Communications Selects EdgeLink100,Telco Systems' Leading DS3 Multiplexer
Telco Systems' EdgeLink100 is the DS3 Multiplexer of Choice at Leading Clecs and Other Key Service Providers


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