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EdgeLink410 and EdgeLink810 are the first 0/1 DCS solutions offered by Telco Systems targeted at wireless service providers for the backhaul and grooming of cell site voice and data traffic. 

These 4 and 8-port T1/E1 digital cross connect platforms reduce T1/E1 line costs while optimizing wireless networks.  EdgeLink410 and EdgeLink810’s compact (1 RU), front access, hardened designs will accommodate even the most cramped quarters in any environment.   System configurations include fixed T1/E1 models, along with mixed T1/E1 and data interfaces for applications such as E911 support.

EdgeLink410 and EdgeLink810 meet wireless providers’ requirements for size and significant leased line cost savings via traffic consolidation.  Other value-added benefits, not found in other mini-DCS systems in their class, include link redundancy that automatically maps traffic from a failed DS1 line to an active DS1 ensuring mission-critical traffic is delivered. This feature offers wireless providers even greater saving by eliminating the need to purchase idle T1 lines for protection.   Another money-saving benefit includes support for remote in-band management via SNMP to allow wireless providers to maintain full visibility to all the network elements at their cell sites.  This eliminates costly truck rolls and the need to install an overlay networks for network management.

 Optimizes and reduces T1/E1 line costs by 50% or more

  • Front access
  • Compact - only 1 RU
  • Temperature hardened -20° C to +70° C
  • Full time-slot interchange across all ports
  • Drop & Insert
  • Fractional T1 or E1 transmission
  • Consolidates traffic to minimize line costs
  • Link Redundancy and Protection switching
  • Data interfaces
  • In-Band Remote Management
  • Integrated CSU for public network interconnection



EdgeLink410 Data Sheet

EdgeLink810 Data Sheet

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