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Smart Home Technology solutions by ICC.

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The heart of the Smart Home Technology solutions is ICC's Distribution Center. Designed to be wall mounted or fit between wall studs in a residential home, the Distribution Center features access holes conveniently located on the top and bottom. A removable front access door gives a neat, clean, finished appearance.

The Distribution Center is supplied with a 1:8 telephone distribution module with an RJ-31X security jack, an 8-port data module, and a 6-way video splitter for CATV, satellite- TV applications.

Optional networking hubs (for fiber optic applications) are available in either a 5-port 10 Base-T or 8-port 10/100 Base-T switching hub. The versatility offered by these hubs the networking needs for any Smart Home Technology Residential application.

ICC's CATV amplifier module amplifies weak incoming cable or off-the-air television signals in order to provide a crisp clear picture.

To complete CATV distribution, 6-way and new 8-way CATV splitters, termination caps, and high-performance F-Connectors have been added to the Smart Home Technology.

ICC's Smart Home Technology solutions are supported by a wide variety of wall outlet styles and connectivity options found in the MPS and COS sections. Additional products may be found in the PCS and RSS families. Browse the sidebar for options, pricing and pictures

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