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Product Categories

SBS-VRZ Series

Maintenance Free Gel Batteries

SBS Valve-Regulated VRZ batteries are especially suitable for applications with discharge over a long period in which maintenance-free operation is required. The electrolyte is a fixed gel. Typical applications include reserve power supplies for telecommunication equipment and industrial plants.


  • Telecommunications
  • Industrial
  • Reserve Power


  • 2V single cells
  • Maintenance-free operation — valve regulated construction
  • High level of operational safety from pressure-relief safety valve, safety pole, insulated connectors, and gelled electrolyte
  • Long life — durable tubular plates
  • Space-saving installation due to optimized set-up
  • Low ventilation requirement
  • 15-year warranty — 5 years full
  • Tank formed plates


Technical Data
Part No.
4.06L x 8.11W x 15.94H
VRZ-275 275 4.88L x 8.11W x 15.94H 52 0.74
VRZ-325 325 5.71L x 8.11W x 15.94H 62 0.63
VRZ-390 390 4.88L x 8.11W x 20.47H 68 0.57
VRZ-450 450 5.71L x 8.11W x 20.47H 81 0.49
VRZ-550 550 6.54L x 8.11W x 20.47H 93 0.43
VRZ-700 700 5.71L x 8.11W x 27.36H 110 0.55
VRZ-940 835 8.27L x 7.52W x 27.36H 150 0.4
VRZ-1175 1,175 8.27L x 9.17W x 27.36H 181 0.32
VRZ-1400 1,400 8.27L x 10.83W x 27.36H 214 0.27
VRZ-1575 1,575 8.27L x 10.83W x 33.27H 265 0.28
VRZ-2100 2,100 8.35L x 15.63W x 32.36H 364 0.21
VRZ-2600 2,600 8.35L x 19.17W x 32.36H 441 0.17
VRZ-3150 3,150 8.35L x 22.68W x 32.36H 529 0.14

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