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Product Categories

SBS-SR Series

Low-Maintenance Vented Batteries

SBS "SR" series batteries are long-life, stationary batteries suitable for short discharge at high current and high capacity discharge over longer periods. They are used as back-up power supplies in power stations, nuclear power stations, substations, UPS, industrial equipment, and engine starting applications.

The SR’s lead selenium cells represent the best possible compromise in lead acid pasted plate technology. The two most popular alloys used in current pasted plate cells utilize either antimony or calcium as a hardening agent in lead alloys. Both of these additives produce desirable and undesirable effects on the performance and overall life of a battery. However, by utilizing a proportion of selenium in the grid alloy, a dense fine grain structure is produced. This alloy is extremely corrosion-resistant and virtually eliminates inter-granular corrosion — one of the most common causes of cell failure. A lead selenium cell, therefore, combines the advantages of both lead calcium and lead antimony cells while exhibiting none of the disadvantages.


  • Utility
  • Telecom
  • General-purpose applications
  • Switchgear
  • UPS


  • 25-year warranty — 10 years full
  • Watering intervals — 5 years
  • Leak-proof post seals
  • High cycle life: over 1,000 cycles at 80% depth of discharge
  • Maintenance-free intercell — copper-on-brass connections
  • Better able to withstand high temperatures than lead calcium batteries
  • Safe-zero voltage exposed to personnel
  • Tank formed plates


Part No.
No. of
8.70L x 6.93W x 10.91H
SR12050 50 12 8.70L x 6.93W x 10.91H 55 8.1 1,487 3
SR12070 70 12 12.24L x 6.93W x 10.91H 74 6.1 1,960 4
SR12100 100 12 15.31L x 6.93W x 10.91H 100 4.1 2,934 6
SR12120 120 12 18.46L x 6.93W x 10.91H 118 3.5 3,433 7
SR12150 150 12 21.77L x 6.93W x 10.91H 144 2.7 4,399 9
SR06200 200 6 11.18L x 9.02W x 13.07H 100 1.7 3,604 7
SR06225 225 6 11.18L x 9.02W x 13.07H 107 1.5 4,108 8
SR06250 250 6 11.18L x 9.02W x 13.07H 114 1.3 4,610 9


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