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Product Categories

SBS-Battery Racks

Standard racks for stationary batteries
These racks have been designed for all types of stationary battery models. These easy-to-use racks have performance requirements such as: strength, flexibility, and acid-proof. Their light, small frame makes them easy to move and store.

Standard supports
Flexible features and folded steel plate construction enable these racks to meet all types of installation requirements. Additionally, upper slots allow the stringers to be placed along the entire length of the support shelf.

Seismic rated racks for earthquake- proof battery installation
This rack system is based on the components of the standard rack system, but also includes the option to make it earthquake-safe. Additional components, such as stands, braces, telescopes, and end holders, make it possible to build a seismic rack around the frame of the standard rack. These earthquake-proof racks can be used in UBC seismic zone 4 in the United States.

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EEI - Certified earthquake-proof racks

Standard Rack Styles Available

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