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Product Categories

SBS-M2000 Battery Monitor/Analyzer

Standby Power System Monitor

The SBS-M2000 Battery Monitor/Analyzer is ideal for permanent installations in central offices and outside plant applications where standby power is critical. Through continuous surveillance of essential battery parameters, the M2000 enhances DC sytem reliability, enabling the battery condition to be predicted accurately and reduce maintenance.

The M2000 continuously checks the health of multiple-cell telecom batteries by measuring and evaluating critical indicators — overall and individual cell voltages, discharge/charge current, and battery temperature.


  • Modular/expandable architecture
  • 62 cell inputs per board
  • 19-inch rack enclosure (2 boards)
  • Function keys and 0-9 keypad
  • Large 4-Line x 40 character LCD
  • LED system status indicators
  • Digital control inputs and outputs
  • Three RS-232 serial ports
  • Real-time clock
  • Self-contained wiring termination panel

VCS 2000 Software
The performance of the M2000 is enhanced with the use of the Windows® based VCS 2000 Battery Analysis software. The powerful system provides graphical analysis and archiving of battery data.

The Windows® based VCS 2000 software allows battery analysis of one or more M2000 battery monitor systems. When the PC is connected to a M2000, it will provide an online real-time view of the battery monitor with a graphical display of information. These history logs can be used to trend the battery’s performance and assist in determining life expectancy based on the performance index.


  • Overall battery voltage
  • Battery string currents
  • Individual block voltages (0-15V)
  • Ambient and battery temperatures


  • Performance index
  • Depth of discharge
  • Discharge time remaining


  • Battery discharges
  • All alarms and events
  • Daily minimum, maximum, and average battery parameters

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