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Product Categories

SBS-AFT/GFT Series Batteries

The SBS "AFT/GFT" series sealed valve regulated, lead acid (VRLA) rechargeable batteries are maintenance-free. The AFT series combines AGM absorbed electrolyte technology with a catalyst to ensure minimum gassing, reduced float currents, increased life, and safety. The GFT series utilizes a gelled electrolyte, along with a catalyst, and are designed for universal float service and cycling, particularly in areas of poor or unreliable utility power.

The SBS "AFT/GFT" series VRLA batteries are the first monobloc batteries to use a catalyst vent cap design. This reduces the float current by over 50% and the energy required by the battery. It also lowers the heat generated by the battery, and increases the battery's life and reliability.

Gel Technology:

Gel technology has a number of advantages over the equivalent AGM battery range, particularly for telecommunication applications such as:

  • Increased durability and deep cycle ability for heavy demand
  • Full recovery from deep discharge even when battery is not immediately charged
  • Suitable for unstable main power
  • High tolerance to discharge when a full charge has not been achieved
  • Improved cycle life — Limiting design protects the positive plates
  • Superior performance with longer discharges
  • Operates cooler — gel technology provides better thermal transfer


  • Telecommunication
  • UPS
  • Emergency Lighting
  • Stand-by power
  • Switchgear
  • Control systems


  • Compact and modular design lasts 10 years
  • ETSI/19"/23" integration
  • High power volume ratio
  • Central gassing system on all models up to 150AH
  • Excellent cycling ability and low self-discharge rates
  • Front access terminal connections
  • Maintenance-free and low installation costs
  • Operates under extreme conditions
  • Rackable standard component
  • Integral flame arrestor
  • Meets BELLCORE recommendations
  • Compression plate absorbs grid expansion
  • Several rack options available to satisfy voltage and space requirements
  • Four 50AH-150AH AFT/GFTs will fit in a 19" rack
  • Two 200AH AFT/GFTs will fit in a 23" rack


Part No.
12AFT50 or
10.83L x 4.14W x 8.86H
12AFT80 or
80 12 15.55L x 4.33W x 11.22H 62 3.7 2,400
12AFT100 or
100 12 15.55L x 4.33W x 11.22H 86 3.2 3,000
12AFT125 or
125 12 21.65L x 4.33W x 11.22H 104 2.9 4,200
12AFT150 or
150 12 21.65L x 4.33W x 11.22H 118 2.6 4,700
12AFT175 or
175 12 20.47L x 9.45W x 8.66H 147 1.9 6,500
12AFT200 or
200 12 20.68L x 10.59W x 8.0H 156 1.57 7,500

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