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Special Feature: Fiber-Conn's New Multifiber Furcation Fan Out Kit

Fiber-Conn introduces a newly designed multifiber furcation fan out kit that provides more strain relief for the cable. The new design also offers stronger tubing retention, which makes the multifiber cable assembly more durable.

Various Constructions of Multifiber Cable Assemblies

We can pre-terminate different cable construction based on customer needs.

Fan Out/Break Out Cable

  • Larger diameter cable
  • Individual jacket for each fiber
  • Subunit length of the cable
  • Available in 1.6 mm, 2.0 mm, 2.4 mm and 3.0 mm

Standard Distribution Cable Without Furcation Tubing

  • Terminated to the buffer (900 µm)
  • Smaller diameter cable
  • Cost effective

Distribution Cable with Furcation Tubing

  • Smaller diameter cable
  • Strengthens the termination
  • More protection to fibers
  • Labor intensive, higher termination cost


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