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Attenuators are designed to reduce optical signal level in communication system to a desired power range. Fiber-Conn introduces in-line attenuators that offer stable and accurate attenuation values, low back reflection and a variety of options of connectors and fiber type. Attenuators are widely used in optical transmission system, telecommunication applications, test equipment and CATV.

Both fixed bulkhead and in-line attenuators are available. Attenuation values of Fiber-Conn standard in-line attenuator range from 5 to 20 dB, available in 5 dB increments. Custom products can also be built to configuration specified by our customers.

Features and Benefits

  • Stable and accurate attenuation
  • All in-line attenuators are dual windows 1310 nm/1550 nm
  • Low back reflection
  • Tests performed
  • Various options of connectors, fibers and attenuation value
  • Competitive Pricing & prompt delivery

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