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Fiber Optic Cable Assemblies

Fiber-Conn Assemblies Inc. specializes in high-volume manufacturing of fiber optic cable assemblies. We build high-performance multimode and single-mode patch cords, multifiber assemblies and attenuators. A wide assortment of connectors is available in a large variety of patch cord and pigtail configurations. Our standard patch cords are always in stock and available for immediate delivery. We also specialize in designing and building custom cable assemblies upon request.

Quality control is the most important step in the manufacturing process. All products are tested extensively to meet or exceed industry standards. Every Fiber-Conn cable assembly is individually tested for optical performance. Visual tests are also performed to check physical features. Test results are recorded and available with each order.

Fiber-Conn cable assemblies are the product of skillful craftsmanship and a modern automated production process. Our innovative machinery, patented manufacturing process and highly automated production enable us to provide our customers high-quality products at a much lower cost.

Cable Management Hardware

Fiber-Conn introduces a complete line of industry-standard hardware that can be widely used in various interconnection applications. We offer both rackmount and wall-mount patch panel enclosures with a variety of industry-standard adapters, the new plug and play MTP module cassettes and various accessories. The patch enclosures are available fully loaded with adapter panels, adapters and high-quality patch cords and pigtails. Our wide product line enables us to offer a complete solution for fiber optic interconnection applications.

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