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It’s the heart and soul of your operation. Day in, day out delivering quality video, audio and data to your customers. There’s no bigger investment in your system than your headend electronics. Now think about what goes into a great headend: high-quality electronic equipment with state of the art design and engineering, equipment that you’re proud to see on the headend rack. Sleek and stylish on the outside. Powerful and reliable on the inside. Versatile and practical all around. Agile to meet your changing needs and able to reach your bandwidth requirements with capacity to grow. Specs to make you smile and performance to make your customers sit up and notice. Well, how about that: We’ve just described the Macom Professional Series headend products.

Macom Professional Series

F860 : Macom Series Fixed Modulator


  • Re-broadcast quality performance
  • Integrated BTSC Stereo (optional)
  • 60dBmV minimum adjustable output for optimum carrier-to-noise performance
  • Pre-emphasis defeat switch provides easy stereo conversion
  • Precision SAW filter for superior adjacent channel performance enables drop-in channel expansion
  • Front panel controls and test point enable ease setup and monitoring
  • Digital display provides quick channels identification and easy modulation adjustment
  • Carrier-to-noise ratio >65dB ensures superior picture quality
  • Composite and separate audio and video IF loops allow compatibility with encoders, ghost cancellers, and video override applications
  • MPX stereo loop provides encoded stereo input and compatibility with Emergency Alert equipment
  • IRC and HRC input and output offset available for frequency setting in systems using offset channels


RF Output
Frequency Range 54-456MHz
CATV 2-62
Level 60dBmV min
Level Adjustment 20dB
Impedance 75Ω
Frequency Stability ±3 kHz
Audio/Video Ratio -10 to -20dB
Output Return Loss -18dB
In Band Spurious -62dB
Out of Band Spurious -65dB
C/N (In-Band) >62dBc
C/N (Out-of-Band) >65dBc
IF Output
Video Level 38dBmV
Audio Level 22dBmV
Composite Level 35dBmV
Video Stability ±3 kHz
Audio Stability ±2 kHz
Impedance 75 ohms
4.5MHz Input
Level 37dBmV
Impedance 75Ω
Video Input
Level 0.7 – 1.0 V p-p
Frequency Response ±1.0dB max
Impedance 75Ω
Differential Gain < 2% typ
Differential Phase < 1° typ
Chrom / Lumin Delay ±8 ns
Hum and Noise -60dB
Audio Input
Level – Mono 0.5 V p-p – 1 V p-p
Level – Left Audio 0.5 V p-p – 1 V p-p
Level – Right Audio 0.5 V p-p – 1 V p-p
Frequency Response ±1.5dB max
Impedance 600Ω
Preemphasis 75 μs switchable
Level 2.2 V p-p
Impedance 500Ω
Frequency Response 1dB, 50 Hz – 14 kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion < 0.3%
S/N 75dB
Separation 35dB, 50 Hz – 12 kHz
Power Input 90-260 VAC, 28 W
Operating Temperature -10°C to 50°C
Dimensions 19˝(L) x 12˝(D) x 1.75˝(H)
Weight 7.8 lbs.
Connectors RF & Video “F” type
Audio 600Ω Terminal Strip



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