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It’s the heart and soul of your operation. Day in, day out delivering quality video, audio and data to your customers. There’s no bigger investment in your system than your headend electronics. Now think about what goes into a great headend: high-quality electronic equipment with state of the art design and engineering, equipment that you’re proud to see on the headend rack. Sleek and stylish on the outside. Powerful and reliable on the inside. Versatile and practical all around. Agile to meet your changing needs and able to reach your bandwidth requirements with capacity to grow. Specs to make you smile and performance to make your customers sit up and notice. Well, how about that: We’ve just described the Macom Professional Series headend products.

Connectivity and Drop Components

Ground Rod, Pipe Strap, Ground Clamp, Grounding Block, Voltage Isolator, Surge Protector
O-Span, P-Drive, J-Drive, Stand-Off, Bonding
Connectors, MINI-BNC, MINI-RCA, MINI-F, RG6, RG11, RG59, Nickle Plated, Cadmium Plated, Tin Plated, PermaSeal, RCA, BNC, Feed Through, Splice
BNC, Male-Female, Male-Male, 90 Degree, F-Female, RCA-Male, F-Adapter
RG59 to BNC, Crimp-On, Twist-On, Motorola
F81, Replacement Wall Plates, Wide Color Selection
Cable Clip, Cable Clamp, Cable-Tie, Siding Clip, Cable Bushing, Weather Boot
Up to 144" RCA Patch Cable, Dual, Triple, F-Patch
Distribution Cable, RG6, RG11, Coaxial Drop, Messenger, UL
F-Port, High Return Loss Terminators



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BIF-Bend Insensitive Fiber

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