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Fiber Optic Test Equipment- Noyes Back Reflection Meters

American Tech Supply carries the complete line of Noyes Fiber Optic Test Equipment including the entire Noyes line of Noyes Back Reflection Meters, Noyes FC Back reflection meter, FC Noyes Backreflection Meters, SC Noyes Backreflection Meters,ST Back Relection Meters,Fiber Optic Laser Sources, Fiber Optic Light Sources, OTDR's.,Mini- OTDR's, Optical Power Sources, Fiber Test Kits, Fiber Optic Scopes and Fiber Optic Laser Sources

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Noyes Back Relection Meters

The Noyes TurboTest 500B optical loss/return loss test sets are designed to measure loss and return loss on high speed digital or analog fiber optic spans in Telecom, CATV and IXC networks. Models are available to perform loss and return loss measurements on singlemode fibers at 1310, 1550 and 1625nm. Supplied with windows 95, 98 and NT 4.0 compatible data analysis software (WinTest), test results can be transferred from the internal memory, via the RS-232 prt, to a PC for full fiber documentation. The new T500B Series is the continuation of the popular Turbotest 500 product line. The T500B Series offers the latest technology in a single fiber bi-directional loss and return loss testing. Four compact models are available in this new series, including the three wavelength (1310/1550/1625) T506B. An optional dedicated digital talk option is available for full time/full duplex communication between test operators while testing other fibers in a bundle

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T505B-Y-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1550/1625nm
T505B-Y-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1550/1625nm
ORL 3B-MM Noyes Backreflection Meter, 850 and 1300nm
ORL 3-6-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1550/1625nm
T505B-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1550/1625nm
T505B-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1550/1625nm
T505B-T-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1550/1625nm
T505B-T-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1550/1625nm
T503B-Y-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm
T503B-Y-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm
ORL 3-4-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm for High Power Systems
ORL 3-4-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm for High Power Systems
ORL 3-6-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1550/1625nm
ORL 3-3-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm
ORL 3-3-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm
T506B-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550/1625nm
T506B-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550/1625nm
T504B-T-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm
T504B-Y-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm
T504B-Y-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm
T506B-Y-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550/1625nm
T506B-T-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550/1625nm
T503B-T-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm
T504B-SC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm
T504B-FC Noyes Backreflection Meter, 1310/1550nm

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American Tech Supply Carries A Full Line Of Fiber Optic Test Equipment Products from several leading manufacturers. We have a complete line of Power Meters, Light Sources,OTDR's, Test Kits, Optical Power Meters, Inspection Scopes, and many more.

If you do not see your product listed, please call our sales office for additional information.ATS also carries refurbished fiber optic test equipment at greatly reduced prices. Call us for additional details.

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We carry manufacturers from Advanced Fiber Solutions,Noyes, Fluke, Seikoh Giken, Ideal, Exfo, Perkin Elmer, Ocean Optics and more. We carry a full range of OTDR's, Optical Loss Power Meters, Laser and LED Light Sources,Fiber Optic Splicing Kits, and more. We Have Hundreds Of Fiber Optic Test Equipment Products- Too Many To List Here- If It's Fiber Optic Related Test Equipment- We Have It- For LESS!!

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Spectrum Analyzers-Fiber Certification Test Kits-Environmental Test Systems--Test Kits-Adapter Caps and much more!

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