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    Zone 4 Relay Racks-Newton Earthquake Relay Racks- Newton Zone 4 Relay Racks- Zone 4 Relay Rack

    American Tech Supply carries a complete line of Zone 4 Newton relay racks which have been tested and certified as zone 4 relay rack and meets or exceeds other zone 4 relay racks. They are ideal for use in California, Colorado, or wherever a Zone 4, Zone 2 or Zone 2 is required. Excellent for use in all RBOC data centers, central offices and switching centers. We are an authorized CCR government reseller and also have affiliations with a certified MWBE/DV enterprise to meet your minority business requirements. Newton's products fulfill every application from the telephone closet to the network room to your co-location data center.We also have available Hendry rack systems and racks for all you central office and data center needs. Call us today for a price quote at (866) 650-DATA.

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    Newton Symmetric Equipment Rack
    Get cabinet load capacity for an equipment rack price Sturdy 11 gauge (HSLA: High strength, low alloy) frame. Our revolutionary seismic equipment rack is Zone 4, Level 3 certified to hold a massive 875 lbs. *

    Won’t damage cables
    Innovative upright design provides protective barrier between equipment mounting screws and cable raceway.

    No more plastic edge protectors
    Uprights also have rounded edges, no more plastic edge protectors.

    Reduces installation time
    Pioneering cast-steel base allows leveling screws to be used in place of traditional shims. Fully open base design allows free access to anchor bolts.

    Reduces required part numbers and inventory
    The symmetric design makes each rack installable as open or closed duct (front or rear cable access), reducing required part numbers and inventory.

    Supports both data and telco standard equipment
    The symmetric design makes each rack installable as open or closed duct (front or rear cable access), reducing required part numbers and inventory.

    Technical Specifications- Click Here

    * Tested in accordance to GR-63-CORE using steel plates to simulate equipment weight. It may be necessary to add stiffener panels in some equipment configurations.