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Netgear Switches- Layer 2 Switches- Layer 3 Switches- Wireless Routers- Gigabit Ethernet Switches-Ethernet Switches- Netgear Business Applications

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Medium Office - 50 to 150+ Users

Opportunity: Your main office is unable to connect with multiple regional or branch offices or mobile workers. Too much congestion exists on the network. There are not enough multiple high-speed server connections. There is no way to discreetly hide the access point, better segment the network, plan for emerging networkbased applications, or future proof for high density wireless.

Needed: A reliable source for a broad range of enterprise-class products to help build a network that provides:

Segmentation and improved performance across network subnets
Enhanced network security
Easier administration and support
Advanced quality of service (QoS) capabilities
Voice over IP (VoIP)
Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection for IP phones, access points or IP security cameras

Reliability network architecture in the backbone with VRRP redundancy server connection with LDAP
Easier administration and support with Management
Backbone connection for power user with port trunking
Fast routing redundancy across network subnets with VRRP
High prioritization for Voice over IP (VoIP) applications
Power over Ethernet (PoE) connection for IP phones, access points or IP security cameras


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