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Multilink’s indoor and outdoor enclosures cover a wide range of applications from small, passively cooled cabinets to large cabinets that have up to 142 rack units of space and are fully environmentally controlled. Multilink designs and builds our cabinets to the industry standards of Telecordia GR774, UL and other agencies, and has our own in-house product management and engineering staff for custom modifications, and to insure application specific information such as heat dissipation and power consumption are adhered to.

Part Number: 030-136-10
SmartPed 3000-FNC


An above-ground housing to shelter amplifiers, splice enclosures, nodes, and provide ample space for slack storage in a secured environment. The 030-136-10 features fiber slack storage hooks and 2 node rods.
  • All door ventilation louvers are backed with fiberglass bug screens.
  • All four doors and top are detachable using stainless steel slide off hinges (8).
  • All vertical seams are sealed with synthetic rubber seal, entire cabinet is rain tight.
  • Convection air flow system in place to properly ventilate cabinet.
  • Front doors are locked with a rod-roller system including a flush mounted 1 piece lock.
  • Pedestal can either be concrete pad mounted, stake mounted, or vault mounted.
  • Pedestal consists of one piece continuous frame made up of galvanealed steel and a top, four doors and skirts made up of galvanealed steel.
  • Pedestal parts are coated with 2-3 mils of polyester powder coat after undergoing 5 pretreatment processes.
  • Safety Corners™
35 IN
50 IN
205 LB
33 IN
Physical Properties
Powder Coated Galvaneal Steel 



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See our partial inventory of fiber optic enclosures below- we have listed Corning, Corning compatible, and Signamax fiber optic enclosures. We also specialize in custom fiber optic enclosures- Call or Click Here us or more information at (866) 342-3721 for all you fiber optic patch panel and fiber optic enclosure needs. Remember- we meet or beat all USA Based Pricing!

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