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MRV Products
Alarm Management

The In-Reach IR-7104 from MRV Communications is a four-slot modular, expandable, high-density alarm and control concentrator engineered to address the needs of telecommunications network service providers and corporate enterprise facilities.

Space-Efficient, Expandable Design
The space-efficient design of the IR-7104 requires only 1U of rack height. It is designed to support a family of modules that provide a variety of alarm input and control output functions.

The IR-7104's expandable chassis can be populated with up to 4 high density modules, each of which can process alarm state information from 32 wet- or dry-contact closure alarm points. A single IR-7104 can manage up to 128 alarm points.

The IR-7104 is ideally suited for wireless cellular sites, public utilities, manufacturing facilities and data centers that employ enclosure door alarms, environmental alarms, power, pressure and fluid alarms.

Distributed Architecture
The distributed architecture of the IR-7104 solution requires an In-Reach 9000 or LX-4000S series master unit be connected upstream via an RJ-45/RS-232 serial interface. The master unit handles all IP/SNMP/TL-1 protocol processing, master alarm status and alarm management functions.

The benefit of the distributed master-slave architecture is that it enables the IR/LX master and IR-7104 slave units to efficiently manage thousands of alarm points using a single IP address.

Further, master units provide secure remote console management and remote power management of all critical network elements.

Alarm Input Option
The alarm input module contains 32 alarm points that support dry contact or isolated wet contact circuits without the need for hardware configuration changes. The alarm circuits detect the following:

Normally open (dry contact)
Normally closed (wet contact)
Wet contacts with applied voltages in the range of 3.5V to 75 VDC
Closure to V+ TTL level
Closure to 0 (GND)

Control Output Option
8 Form C relay control output points are available on the Control Output option module for enabling a wide range of devices, including backup power generator systems, HVAC systems, emergency lighting systems, control valves, sirens and other devices. Normally open and normally closed contacts are available on each Control Output module.

Analog Option
The Analog Option of the IR-7104 delivers 8, 4-20 ma loop inputs for supporting a wide range of analog alarm sensor devices. It will accept standard 4-20 ma sensors such as battery, temperature, humidity, pressure and storage tanks.

Event HorizonT - Fault Management System
Event Horizon is state-of-the-art fault management system software (FMS) that provides NOC managers with the tools they need to quickly identify and resolve alarm events and fault conditions. Engineered to work in concert with our In-Reach series hardware, it provides maximum efficiency and rapid return on investment.
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