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MRV Products
Alarm Management

The In-Reach 7000 (IR-7000) series of alarm management solutions provides total control of a variety of discrete alarm devices used at manufacturing facilities, large data centers, outside plant street cabinets, controlled environment vaults (CEVs) and other unmanned sites. The alarm points of the IR-7000 are connected to bi-state relay devices such as door alarms, uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and aerial lights of cellular towers. These alarm points receive and distribute discrete alarm signals from normally opened or closed dry contact closures.

The relay interfaces of discrete alarm devices are connected to the alarm points of the IR-7000. This connection enables corporate network administrators and operations support systems (OS) managers to monitor and control the alarm devices from a central network operations center (NOC). The In-Reach operating system software enables each IR-7000 physical port to represent pairs of scan and distribution points. The scan points accept discrete input signals generated when contact closure devices such as aerial lights or door alarms change state. The distribution points are also capable of sending output signals to activate devices such as generators or fire alarms in response to any alarm signal the scan point receives. Typical output current levels do not exceed 25 mA at +/- 2.5 Volts (min) or +/- 6 Volts (max).

When used with the automated response to alarm feature, the IR-7000 can be deployed for unmanned, automatic fault management of mission-critical applications.
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